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Megan gets an unsuspected bittersweet surprise.
The next morning, Megan and Jennifer got up before Bradley and Miles. Megan was so happy. Jennifer came downstairs and saw Megan in the kitchen.

"Hey! How did you sleep? Just think, you will be a bride." Jennifer smiled from ear to ear.

"What about you? You know Bradley would marry you tomorrow." Megan reminded Jennifer.

"I know but I am not ready for that. At least they know where we came from.We can be ourselves and talk about anything. They were so cool about it. It looks like you will be staying in the past."

"Yes. I am getting used to be here and Miles loves me and would do anything for me." Megan smiled.

"Let's say, we make them breakfast."

Jennifer got out some bacon and eggs. The women started cooking.

Bradley came downstairs. "That smells good. What kind of foods do you have in your time?"

"We have food that you can microwave and bake. People still fry food." Jennifer was making scrambled eggs.

"What? Microwave? What is that?" Bradley knew he had a lot to learn.

"A microwave is like an oven but it cooks food in minutes and runs on electricity." Megan was frying bacon.

"Electricity? I am confused." Bradley sat down at the table. He wasn't dressed in a suit today. He was dressed in comfortable clothes and Jennifer loved how he looked. He looked good in anything.

"Electricity is lights we turn on and we use it to power everything. We use candles but just to make the house smell good and for romantic dinners. We have electricity so we can cook, turn on lights, watch TV, use our computers and it is a way of life." Megan was putting the bacon on a plate.

"Romantic dinners. Darling, I don't need food to be romantic." Miles kissed Megan's cheek. He had just entered the kitchen.

"I will make you romantic dinners and I can be romantic and affectionate always." Megan kissed Miles so openly.

"What is the TV and computer thing? Bradley inquired.

"A TV is a screen that shows people doing plays and acting. You can't touch them but you can see them and they can't see you. We get news of the world and weather on TV, too. Computers are machines we can look up world news or anything you want. You can buy things on the computer instead of going to the stores. You can send letters to friends and business people. I miss that about my time." Jennifer was down making the eggs.

"Sounds like life is easier in your time era." Bradley shook his head.

"Sometimes. I work two jobs to make ends meet. Women have jobs and raise children and run businesses." Jennifer kissed Bradley's cheek.

"TV? Computers? I don't understand any of that." Bradley pushed back his hair.

"We knew that these ladies were different and enchanting when we met them. I am glad we did. We get a insight to the future and I get a wife." Miles kissed Megan again and they sit down to eat breakfast.

"This is delicious." Bradley would eat anything Jennifer cooked.

"Do you have dances in your time era?" Bradley asked.

"We have clubs and places where people go to dance, eat and drink alcohol drinks. Men and women go there to meet potential dates. Friends host functions at fancy restaurants or their homes." Jennifer thought her scrambled eggs never tasted better.

"We have so many questions and I can't believe what I have learned about the future in less then 24 hours." Bradley was intrigued.

After breakfast, Bradley went out to check on his tobacco plants and Miles went with him. They kissed their ladies before they left.

Megan and Jennifer cleaned up the dishes.

"What kind of wedding dress are you going to buy?"

"I don't know. I guess I will have to ask Mrs. Dawson and find out how and where we buy wedding dresses. Wait a minute! France" Megan was happy as a lark.

"France?" Jennifer said puzzled.

"In our time era, France has the best fashions. I bet they are expensive." Megan sighed.

"Miles has a lot of money and he would love to buy you the most beautiful dress to show you off. He adores you. You are his Princess and Barbie Doll." Jennifer smiled.

"He is handsome and wonderful."

"Of course, he is." Jennifer couldn't wait to help Megan with her wedding.

Bradley looked over his tobacco plants. "Can you believe our ladies are from another time era? It doesn't change things. I love Jennifer dearly. Those jack ass gypsies they know all about the future. Too bad we can't send those gypsies there."

"We have no fear where those gypsies are concerned. Our women love us. I am so happy to be getting married. What about you and Jennifer?"

"She isn't ready. I will wait forever. With you and Megan getting married, maybe she will want to get married, too." Bradley tossed a tobacco plant aside. The plant was worthless. He had hundreds more that were good and he was glad of that.

Megan sat on on the couch. She admired the birds and flowers tapestry designs. When she married Miles, she was going to change his decor in his house. She hoped they wouldn't fight about it.

Bradley and Miles came back into the house.

"Are you ready to go to my house? Miles asked.

"Why don't we go to Vicki and Bill's? We have time, right?" Megan asked.

"Sure." Miles smiled.

Megan hugged Jennifer and Bradley gave Megan a hug. He wished her the best for her upcoming marriage. He gave Jennifer a look that made Jennifer nervous. It was a I WANT TO MARRY YOU LOOK. Jennifer would have to get his mind off that. She would have to seduce him.

Miles and Megan set out to go to Vicki and Bill's. Megan had an uneasy feeling. A vibe that she would get some news with mixed emotions. The last time she had those vibes, her father-in-law had died and a girl she worked with was kidnapped by a mad man. She didn't get these vibes very often and when she did, it was never good news.

It was a quiet ride. It was sunny and Megan was so happy. Miles even stopped the carriage to kiss Megan. They kissed for quite awhile and looked up to see a carriage coming towards them. It was the Austens. Megan could hear Mr. Austen now talking ablout her bad morals and kissing a man in board daylight. He would just have to deal with it. Megan smiled to herself. Miles and Megan decided that they had better get to Vicki's.

They arrived a few minutes later. Vicki looked like she had seen a ghost. Megan was scared.

"What is wrong, Vicki?" Megan asked.

"Can I talk to you alone?" Vicki asked.

"It is alright. Miles and Bradley know we came from. Jennifer and I told them."

"This came for you." Vicki handed Megan a book about quilting and it contained a manilla envelope.

"This book was with Angel and Gretchen when they went back to the future. How did it get here?"

"It was on the Dining Room table when Bill and I got up. This is so scary." Vicki said.

Megan nodded in agreement. She opened the book and the manilla envelope said Confidential. Important documents enclosed. Please Read.

It was from a lawyer's office in London addressed to Megan Rose. How did it get here?

Megan opened the envelope. Divorce papers.

The document read:
The marriage of Damon Rose and Megan Rose has been dissolved this day: September 25, 1805. Both parties have agreed to this and they are no longer married. The divorce is uncontested.

Divorce? The date was dated for this time era. There was a letter inside.

I have always loved you but you have been gone for 2 years. I have decided to give you your freedom. I heard you were in Forks, Washington but I checked there and you aren't there. If you would have loved me, you would have come home. You are free, my Dear. I have moved on. I am sure you have, too. Have a good life. Love: Damon

Megan dropped the papers. She was relieved and sad at the same time. Miles looked at the divorce papers and note.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes. I am a free woman but the divorce papers were dated for this era. They came from America. I won't have to worry abot Damon anymore." Megan shed a tear.

"What? Hey, girlfriend what is going on?" Jennifer asked.

"I thought you were staying with Bradley." Megan look puzzled.

"Bradley bought me back here. I had a vibe you needed me. Those vibes you get call out to me." Jennifer knew she was right.

Megan showed Jennifer the divorce papers.

"Wow! Dated for this time and these came from England. This is the quilting book Angel and Gretchen took back with them." Jennifer felt like they were in the Twilight Zone.

Megan was puzzled but why should they be? They had traveled to the past, met gypsies, possessed a moonstone that could take back to the future, met vampires and a werewolf and men that looked like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio{Whom she loved dearly and needed} and Gerald Butler. She had seen TV witches and dragons in the sky when the gypsies gave her and Jennifer some funny crap to smoke. Life here was strange.

"Are you alright?" Jennifer asked.

"I am fine. I am free. I can marry Miles." Miles hugged Megan.

"I love you and this is good news. We can really marry. You are happy, right?" Miles asked.

"Of course, I am. I love you. My future is with you. I want to be here with you." Megan kissed Miles.

After the kiss, Miles told Megan he was going outside to talk to Bill.

"Are you going to marry Miles?" Vicki inquired.

"Yes. Now, I can legally." Megan was happy and sad at the same time. Vicki hugged her. Jenifer hugged Megan, too.

"I am alright. This quilt book and divorce papers appearing, well this is good timiing. I will always love Damon but my love for him is different now. Miles is the man I am meant to be with." Megan looked at the divorce papers again. Bradley stayed outside and was talking to Bill and Miles.

"So, Megan got divorce papers? They are dated for this year?" Bradley tried to take in what Miles had told him.

"They arrived just in time. Megan is no longer tied to him. He is a fool to let Megan go but he is in the future and she loves me and wants me. That makes me the luckiest man in the world." Miles was doing a happy dance.

"Vicki and I were surprised when that book showed up with mail for Megan. Damon is a good man but he hadn't had time for Megan the past few years. Megan was lonely and bored. Now, that she has you, she is happy again. Promise me you wil put her first and love her forever. You are a good friend and I know Megan is the love of your life and I trust you will take good care of her." Bill extended his hand to Miles.

"I will. Sir. I love her so much. Now, she is mine. No man or nothing will ever take her away from me." Miles had never felt so happy.

{Inside Vicki's and Bill's house.}

"I will be alright. You can be with Bradley. Thanks for letting Bradley bring you here. I don't know what I would do without you and Vicki. I am lucky to have you for close friends and I have Miles. My world is complete." Megan was happy.

Just then Jennifer looked outside and saw Rainey leaving the barn. She was headed towards Rainey. Megan thought OH CRAP and she ran outside. She hoped that her bad vibe didn't involve Jennifer killing Rainey!

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