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by qweg
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Romance/Love · #1814138
Draft of an excerpt of an idea that's in progress. Names borrowed from original MMPR.
         "I don't see what the big problem is",  Jason lectures for what might be the hundredth time.  “You see a girl, you talk to her.  It's not like you're proposing, or randomly humping her leg.  It's not offensive to start a conversation.  Talk to her for a few minutes and if it feels right maybe you ask her out, otherwise you had a short conversation and met a new person.  Why do you always have to turn it into some sort of holy event that you'll just get too nervous to participate in?”  Jason places his card on the table with obvious nonchalance, a habit he has when trying to hide how good his hand is.  By now the table was almost entirely covered in cards and empty glasses.

         Billy just looks at his roommate, taking a minute away from continuous glances towards the coffee bar.  He lightly sighs but is careful to keep his face from taking on the annoyed expression he feels.  It would only give Jason satisfaction and encourage his repetitive ranting.  The conversation was one of the many redundant dialogs they had as is known to happen between close friends who spend more time with each other than anyone else.  It was also one of Billy's less favorite repeats.  “You know it's not that simple.  Besides, you're one to talk.  Since when did you become 'The Ladies Man'?”

         “The difference is I'm not intimidated.” says Jason as his posture becomes decidedly defensive.  “I simply don't find random girls I know nothing about enticing.  I'd much rather-”  The conversation came to a halt when a figure suddenly came from the side quickly falling down onto their table.  Both men gave a small start backwards.

         Before Billy had a chance to react with anything more than the beginnings of a curse, the falling figure stopped midair just before crashing into the various items on the table.  Leaning over the table, holding onto the edge to keep herself from falling completely forward, was the girl Billy had been sneaking glances at for the past half hour.  Just inches away she was looking directly into his eyes with a huge grin on her face, obviously quite pleased with the reaction she had received.  “Hi”.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1814138-And-There-She-Is