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I can't really tell you anything without ruining the story.
I know I have grammar issues I need to fix. I wrote this for an English class I didn't spend a lot of time reviewing it. Either way I hope you enjoy the story.

The wind was blowing through my hair pushing back into the head rest. I had a library book that I was supposed to return last week, but being me I forgot all about it. It was worth it though, because the book was quite entertaining. I actually read through the novel twice. The book was, “A Clockwork Orange.” The book delivered great characters, story, dialogue, and just about everything you could imagine. As I went up a mountain side the blowing wind became stronger against my body. I began to have goose bumps roll up and down my left arm. I shivered and reached for the roller to roll up the window shield. I turned the roller and had to apply great force to it. It felt like I was raising a draw bridge from the olden ages. As I rolled the window shut a final gust of cold air came inside and chilled me once again. I was still climbing the mountain to where the library is. The library is located on the top of this mountain along with most of the town. I lived at the bottom of the mountain where some people lived, but mainly just scattered houses. I had only lived in this part of California for a few months and still I gaze upon its beauty in a great deal. The place was full of rolling mountains and wonderful nature. Civilization has yet to destroy the beauty of this. It makes me quite happy that I can witness it before its destruction. As I gaze off into the distance I see the sun rising from beneath the ground. It lights the skies with an orange explosion of color. The clouds catch the infection the sun has laid upon the sky and the clouds turn into a mixture of red and orange color. The skies look as if somebody shot millions of fireworks into the sky and then they slowly exploded creating a picture of awe. I am caught in this picture of pure statuesque and put the road in the back seat. As I whip around the corner paying more attention to the burning sky I hear a sudden sound that made my guts drop and my heart stop. The noise brought a tear to my eye or maybe that was the flying motion of my head as it slammed into my airbag. I would have never imagined how painful an airbag is until now. My face hit it and I expected a cushioning pillow to protect my body from harm, but that was not it. It felt like a stiff bed and as I hit it I felt my face scrunch up and deform into pain. My head flew back and into the head rest. I felt another pain, but in the back of my head this time. Could this pain ever stop? My head takes a final swing at the air bag. Except for this time the air bag cushions my head. Still feels like a stiff mattress, but my head was moving slowly enough my face didn’t turn into a pretzel. I raise my head mournfully and into the direction of the thing I crashed. I had run into a crappy Japanese car. There was one person in the car. The person was a man that looked like he was in his 30’s. It is kind of hard to tell because he was still inside of the car. I opened my door and a loud screeching noise emitted from the truck. Goose bumps ran across my body like a bug would. Before the goose bumps were because of cold wind, but this time it was fear. I knew my truck was destroyed and there was nothing I could do about it, because it was my fault. I stepped out of the car and walked over to the car I had run into. His car was worse than mine even though I haven’t looked at my yet. As I walked towards his car I kept my eyes away from my truck, because I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I observed his car and it was wrecked from head to toe. The car looked like a crumpled up piece of paper. This is going to cost me a lot of money. I walk over to the driver side of his car. When I went to speak my voice was sad as if I had just been scolded and it surprised me, “Hey, are you alright?” The man lifted his head as if he was in a deep slumber. I then got a better look at his face and he looked like he hasn’t had a good day since 1995. His face had a five o clock shadow on it, but the kind that looks much untamed. His eyes had bags the size of oranges and they were a grayish color. He had short scruffy hair like the kind when you wake up from sleeping. He looked at me, but it looked as if he wasn’t there. “Yeah, I’m fine” he said with a voice from somebody who was still asleep. I was starting to be convinced this man has been sleeping his whole life and he has just now woken up. “Are you sure you are okay? You look like you need to get to a hospital.”
“No, no, don’t worry about me. No need to call anybody I’ll just be leaving now.”
“Wait, what? What about your car?”
“Don’t worry about it I’ll pick it up later.”
He then opened his door so slowly I was able to move out of the way with ease. He stepped out of the car and onto the road. He then wobbled back and forth trying to hold his ground. Without a word started sprinting down the road across the bend and disappeared. What just happened? I think that man was on some sort of drugs or very injured. I guess I should report this to the police. I reached into my pocket for my cellphone, pulled it out, and dialed for 911. As I was dialing I just realized how sweat my hand was. I put the phone to my ear and the sweat from my hands slid onto my face. An elderly voice answered the phone, "Hello, what is your emergency?" Her words came out so slow and like malaise. What if I was dying and needed help? I would probably be dead by now.
"I have been a victim of a hit and run," I stated.
"State your location."
"I'm on Mulberry road on the bend that enters town."
"Okay, we will wend a cop car and ambulance over your way."
The phone clicked and the fuzz came through the earpiece and filled my head with that terrible noise. I pulled it away and put it back into my pocket. That phone call took longer then a snail the end of the world. I'm a very impatient person. I get so anxious and irritable. The sun had risen fully to the skies now. No more were the skies filled with the infectious beauty that the sun lay across them. Even though the sun was beating down on me the cold air was still penetrating harder then the sun's heat. My heart dropped once again as I realized my truck. I turned around very slowly not wanting to see the horror, but I knew I had to. My body now faced the truck and my feelings of despair were lifted. Not a single dent was on my C-10 Chevrolet truck. "Baby blue, you are fine! Thank the gods!" I shouted as I ran up to it and hugged the huge piece of steel. "Even though you kill me on gas I still love you, you hunk of metal," I said to my truck. I know it is weird to talk to your automobile, but this truck is special to me. It was handed down to me from my Pep pep and my Grandpa handed it down to my Pep pep. So it has been in the family for a long time. The day had begun and normal people were starting to awaken and drive to work. I didn't notice it before, but cars were starting to line up on either side of the crash. The sound of a way out of this mess was coming from behind the gate of cars. At first the sound was pleasing because it meant soon I would be able to get out of hear, but then it started to hurt my ears. As long as I can remember I have always hated loud noises entering my ears. The cop car and ambulance following the cop came whipping around the corner weaving in and out of the cars. They stopped their cars and parked them right in front of the mess. The cop's door swung open and a very hefty man stepped out of it. When I say hefty I'm not saying he had muscles on his toe nails. I mean he was out of shape and looked as if he ate donuts for a living. The cop had aviators on and his cop uniform. His hair was cut short and he had his police cap on. He waddled over to me like a penguin and as he stepped away from the door and got closer I could see his shape better. He looked like a huge orb with limbs stuck into it and a head on top of the orb. Surprisingly he had a little baby face on the huge body. "Are you okay?" The cop said in a very high pitched voice that I was not expecting hear come out of this man. "Yeah, I'm doing fine and my truck is fine," I said trying to hold back laughing at this man.
"What happened to the other driver?"
"He ran away"
"What do you mean he ran away. Like he just got out of the car and started running away."
"Yeah, I walked over to his car and asked him if he was okay. He said he was and then he got out of the car and sprinted down the hill. He seemed like he was on drugs or very injured though."
"Hmm, very strange."
"The car is stolen," said somebody with a very deep voice to right of me. I was startled at first to hear this voice and kind of jumped a little bit. Then the cop and other person erupted in laughter. The mixture of deep and high pitched laughing created an extremely funny sound and I started chuckling to myself. The high pitched cop had a laugh of a hyenya and the deep voice had a booming laugh that sounded like Santa clause. I looked over to the deep voice and there stood and really tall lanky cop. This man must have been 6.5ft tall. He was wearing the same thing as the other cop. This cop didn't have a baby face he had a face of an elderly man. These cops were really starting to creep me out. I wonder what kind of cops the rest of the police station is filled with. The high pitched cop said, "Did little john startle you there, sonny?"
"You are free to go kid. this car was reported stolen this morning by some junky. We already have a description of the guy," said the tall and lanky cop.
He gave me a pat on the shoulders and ushered me to my truck. I opened the door and it made that same breaking noise as it did earlier. At least nothing else is wrong with my truck except for a terrible noise erupting from it. I turned it on and drove past the chaos. The orb cop said, "Nice truck you got there kid." I drove off giving him a smile as he said that. This has been one hectic morning that is for sure. I guess I'll have to swing by the library after work. I really don't want to venture towards my place of work. My boss just busts my chops as much as he can. I wouldn't mind the work too much if my boss would stop bothering me, though it gets boring sitting in front of a computer creating websites day after day. Money is money and I need the money. I reached the top of the mountain and could now see the town that lays on top of it. It actually isn't much of a town or much to look at. The downtown is a single strip of small shops. All of the shops have the same shape, size, and color. It's one nice long strip of light brown. These shops are mainly made for the elderly people that live here. They are filled with nick knacks and antiques. It bores me quite a bit which is why I don't travel up here other then grabbing a book or working. Sometimes I wish I could travel to distant lands and escape the daily grind. Then I realize I would never be able to survive off the money I have now. I can barely afford to live in the apartment I have now. It's quite embarrassing because it is one of those apartments that give you enough room to take a step and there you are in the next room. Guess I'm just destined to live here my whole life. It could be worse I assume. As I zoned out into the world of my imagination my eye caught the side of my workplace as I was passing it. Completely parallel to my work I take the turn without thinking. The tires create a noise that pierce through my ears and burn the very inside hairs of it. I cringe from the sound, but I know I need to concentrate for just a split second to not crash for the second time today. The steering wheel fights against me to turn the other way and into misery. With all of the strength I have I turn to the right and into a parking spot. I somehow manage to fit perfectly into the space without touching the cars that are directly on either side of the parking space. I smile to myself and think, damn I'm either getting better or just getting lucky. I open the car door to hear yet another screech enter my ears. Before I can even put my foot to the ground I hear my boss's voice erupt, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, MORTIMER?" I put my foot to the ground and walk around the back of my truck and face the doorway that isn't but maybe 6ft away. At the door stood my boss. He was a very short person and you could easily mistake him for a kid. He was stood about 5.9ft with all of his baby features still showing. His voice sounded as if it never hit adulthood and you could hear it crack every once and a while. "You better not have broken the computer you were transporting," my boss said with his high pitched voice. It then hit me that I had a computer and a monitor in the bed of my truck. I whipped around now facing the bed of the truck. I peeked into the bed to see a monitor with a crack in the screen the size of the orb cop. I didn't even bother to look at the computer. As I timidly turned around and faced my boss he already knew what happened. If he didn't know by then my face would have described all of it. He angrily stomped over to the place I stood. He looked up into my eyes and said, "You know you are going to have to pay for all of that. Don't even think about that raise you were asking for," as he poked me in the chest. I looked down at him with the expression who do you think you are. I looked up and at the beaten computer shop. The outside was painted a very dull gray that was chipping and had water damage on the tile roof. I could see the inside of my work that had many cubicles that made you feel as if everything was closing in on you. I turned to my truck and hopped into the bed. "Yeah, grab those and start fixing them. Everything you use to fix those is coming out of your pay check," Said my boss with a very stern voice. I picked up the computer monitor and threw it to the ground. I then did the same thing with the Apple computer from 1984. They both made a horrific breaking noise, but this time I didn't cringe. I smiled because this noise was enlightening and it felt good. My boss looked up at me and shouted, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" I jumped out of the bed and into my car. I closed the car door and this time the noise didn't come out of the door. I turned on the car and started backing up. I heard my boss screaming, "YOU KNOW YOU ARE NEVER COMING BACK HERE. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING A JOB ANYWHERE AROUND HERE." His voice sounded like a chipmunk fighting with another chipmunk. I started driving to the other side of the mountain. This side of the mountain was the way to the next town. I have lived here all of my life and I have never traveled out of this town. I have always kept to myself and never bothered for adventure. I don't even care anymore. I'm going to live my life the way I want to. Nothing can hold me down anymore. I have always had one thing after another stop me from doing what I dreamed of. Now I go to the unknown world that lies before me. I am ready to take in all of its secrets and I'll cherish them for the rest my of my life.
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