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Information describing what In Their Hearts is about, it's genre and a brief blurb.
This is a pet project of mine; In Their Hearts is a Ruritanian Romance set in Domeska – a fictional country in central Europe, positioned between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic – Domeska is a country behind in technology and still with a monarchy, aristocracy and a sense of honour that has long been disregarded by the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in most places around the world. It is set from the points of view of three characters; Malek Venhau a sixteen year old Domeskan boy, Declyn Morrison a sixteen year old English boy and Josep (yo-s-eh-p) Zarheim a member of the rebellion tasked at a sixth form public school in England.

Watch out for references to Anthony Hope’s iconic novels, The Prisoner of Zenda, Rupert of Hentzau and The Heart of Princess Osra, these are easter eggs and simply put in place to credit and honour to the man whose novels coined the name and form the heart of this fantastic genre.

When we enter the story we learn that the country is under the impression of a dictator and in upcoming chapters it will be revealed that though he has aristocratic blood he is not of the royal Joranzovich family, Prince Royal at the time of the past Queens death and should have never taken the throne but for the disappearance of her four year old son would have ruled by regency if not for this tragedy and so now in the wake of a prophecy foretelling the return of the True Heir a rebellion has built up against this tyrant and the search is on for Domeska’s lost honour.

The search is on for Prince Alick von Joranzovich.
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