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Contest Entry for Power Group
On quiet and stormy night a young girl sits in her musty dormitory room wondering how she can reinvent herself. This is a curious stage in any young woman's life. At this point they wish to be someone exciting and new. This young girl wishes to fly away like a bird so that she can know the whole story of her life before she has really had the chance to start. Luckily, our mislead protagonist has a deep rooted interest in books and a love for the worlds of fantasy she is able to find within them. Like the characters in her book she wants to be known by a name that describes who she feels she is; however, unlike those she reads of, her story is not yet finished. First, she must decide who she is.

She is curious about the world around her, the history that lies beneath the ground under her feet, how everything is tied together and why she is still not able to hold a stupid crochet hook properly. In this state of confusion, she does what any soft spoken, fantasy loving girl would do. She pulls out her course book on the Elvish language and finds a combination of words that describe what she wants to be, roughly translated of course. GaerTuilinn stands for copper colored sparrow.

Later on in her college career, she decides that she is just like her one lettered, middle name: M. She is awkward and completely okay with it. No longer does she care about her outward appearance or if she is able to become that exciting woman she always dreamed to be. Now she is someone different that is able to organize the crowd, not simply exist in it. Someone that is able to embrace the life that was, the life that is and the life that may be is a life lesson that is not learned easily, though it is a lesson all should learn. This is who I am. I know the road ahead will not always be easy, but it is exciting to be on this journey still learning new lessons every day.

Also: I was able to learn how to crochet.

Signing off.


Word Count: 371
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