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by Eric T
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Summary of riding in London
Originally posted October 2009

So this week I have taken a few rides, not many miles. On Monday morning I rode to the Camden parking authority. Took a wrong turn and ended up making a big loop around Hampstead. Got to the proper building and was confronted with a unhappy government employee. Only a small cue, so it didn’t take too much time. I didn’t have all the proper documents so they would only give me a permit for 3 months. I always feel a bit illegal every time I go to do something here because I don’t have all my things in British papers. So I am always ready for a confrontation about the legitimacy of my requests. It is so different than in America, where there seems like there is less government control and you can just show up and have your needs met. Maybe I am a little out of touch with the States and how things are done. I do remember the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles) being a complete bitch every single time I had anything to there. Usually there is a good size queue in the States at any government office and most definitely the employees are no more happy or helpful there then they are here in Britain. Monday might I rode to the West London Buddhist centre where I am assisting the instructors by making the tea, setting up meditation cushions and then cleaning up afterwards. Had a good ride, didn’t get lost. I nearly got hit by a car pulling out of a parking space while on my way home. Wednesday night Rachel and I rode to the movies on the motorcycle, we went to see Julia & Julia at the Odeon in Swiss Cottage. It was a really nice experience; our road is being repaved so there is no parking allowed and the street was empty. I was able pull up right in front of our house; Rachel came out the front door and hopped on the bike. We rode down Finchley road and found a parking spot in front of the movie theatre. After the movie it was a straight shot home. That’s it for this week. I am looking to put some miles on this weekend, not sure where to go. Where ever it is I am going to include fewer stops and take what comes.
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