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by Eric T
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Trip to the East Coast

I am writing this more than a year after riding it and I took no notes, so fair warning not my best piece of writing but it is bothering me that this is so unfinished. I did however post a lot of pictures that I now can’t figure out how to manipulate them to go with the story. Read at your own peril.

From what I can remember I did the absolute minimum of planning and preparation for this trip. Rachel helped me pick out the destination and I used Google Earth to choose the roads I would ride to get there. I was excited about going to the East Coast as I hadn’t been to this area before.

The ride started out less than spectacular as I was going to start my ride with a breakfast at the Ace Cafe and I missed the exit. The North Circular has very few turn around points and once I passed it that was it, no breakfast for me.  I got on the M25 and headed east, once I got out a ways the cameras were not to be seen and I could open up the Triumph to hit some pretty decent triple digits without worrying about the speed cameras. Made my way to the A12 to the A14 and finally A1094 into Aldeburgh.

As you can see from the pictures it wasn’t a very nice day to sit out on the beach and  honestly the town wasn’t very interesting.  After I walked from one end of the town to the other I had a very important decision to make, where to eat. There were not very many choices but I wanted to wait until I found a Saturday paper to read while I had my lunch, otherwise its a bit weird eating on your own with nowhere to look but at your food or the other patrons. I had to walk back nearly to my motorcycle before finding a shop that had any papers for me to buy. I found a 1st floor restaurant that served my favorite sea-side meal of fish and chips. Wish I could give a recommendation but since there is no picture of the restaurant sign, I don’t remember the name.

After I ate and relaxed for a bit it was time to head home. There were no memorable events, however I did have to ride around the M25 round-about several times to figure which exit was mine. Unfortunately I think this was the last “big” trip I took before the winter clocking in at about 234 miles and about 5 hours of riding.

Thank you for reading this, I hope it wasn’t too painful.  Please leave a comment if you have time I would really appreciate it .


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