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Bonus Round 1 Entry, Poetry Zombie Horde, Oct. 2011
         Zombie Tim is a gentle young man who just happens to be in the “proverbial wrong place at the wrong time.” Tim is a diligent worker at the local teen hang-out restaurant, where his friend mixes in the wrong substance when he's making ice cream sodas, and soon all the fun kids are turning green. But to Zombie Tim and all his buddies, the world still looks normal-even though everybody else begins acting weird! Tim just wants to get engaged to the girl he loves, and live a normal, peaceful, happy life-you know, the Zombie American Dream? Difficult to do that, when everybody else runs screaming from the friends, and the Military is out in force to put them down like the plague they are! But love and trust and friendship win out, and after the sacrifice of his best bud (who started this all in the first place!), Tim and his remaining friends find true happiness in their own Zombie encampment, where they can shake and shuffle and play and enjoy to their hearts' content.

(Adapted from the plot of the film “Aaah, Zombies” (aka “Wasting Away,” 2007)


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Written for "Poetry Zombies: Dawn of the Dreck! [18+].
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