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by chip
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Responses to a review of an article how to review.


 DT-3  (E)
Responses to a review of an article how to review.
#1815231 by chip

Five ways to Review One Item

Up to this review of happy fingers' paper on reviewing, I learned what some of the best reviewers' advice is, and not until Review #5 of Patrick B's paper is their much similarity between her paper and those taught earlier in this course.

Patrick B recommends the following elements be looked for when reviewing. These four guides are much like what I've been taught, and I will be using these along with the others in the list below.

A. Overall Sense

B. Grammar/spelling

C. Areas for improvement

D. Favorite lines

Spelling Grammar:

Sensory Words:

Concrete Words:


Rising Action


Falling Action




Patrick B. stated, in review #3, that she couldn't keep up with the advice of Bikerider who gives a reciprocating review to those who review his work.

I can understand this, as it may become trite; you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours is not in my philosophy. It is, though, a great gesture to give a reciprocating review out of thanks, but to make reciprocating a hard and fast rule, no.

Patrick B is referring to this response by Bikerider to happy fingers, Dear Author:

One thing I feel some author's should consider is to give a reciprocating review. Not out of revenge, but out of saying thanks. I mean, it's not anyone's job to do reviews. We do it to keep things going here and to encourage, (most of the time) author's to continue to write. Bikerider

Besides Patrick B's review of Dear Author, there are others', and I especially like this one: Awesome! As I am new to both writing and reviewing I found a lot of this information to be helpful! I myself need to respond more to my reviews so i will endeavor to do just that. Thank you for writing this piece as it was helpful, honest, and great information!b}Harrow

In Patrick B's comments, under the heading, Favorite Lines, she states she likes what happy fingers wrote:

Without your courage, this whole site would perish.

Isn't this going a little too far? Imagine a single writer stops putting his/her story up for review, and WDC shuts down, and happy fingers hasn't anywhere to write happy reviews. Don't worry hp, this won't happen.

Happy fingers' Dear Author is great and will be a big help to me.

Thank you, Happy Fingers.

Patrick B's reviews of Dear Author are interesting and, as I said, I will be using some of what she values in happy fingers writing, but I will be using even more than what she reviewed on.

Happy fingers also wrote:It’s not over yet. The reviewer edits his own review, checks for spelling and punctuation errors, and makes sure what he has written is in line with #3 above. Patrick B liked this line, and I do also. If a writer lets what should be his/hers own personal editing up to a reviewer, this should be discouraged highly.

After reading Dear Author and our DT-3 Five Ways to Review One Item, I think Patrick B. offered great commentaries on varying possible review styles.

I can not argue with her responses to the past reviews she has received or the discussions her comments arise.

Thank you,

Patrick B

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