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a poem and new religion 'rainbow judaism' which makes sense and is for nature rainbow ppl

fractal tree 3

good hearted lucid witch of gooses

buddhist love poem
in our dreams we plant so many forests
each one is a haiku
this is a lucid town
this is a lucid forest,
life is composed of fractals
you can start to see them if you pay attention

(how? by questioning everything)

the beautiful ones, come in a labor of love
orgasm fractals
fractal wanti, trees of open armed, joy leafy hands of light
just because its a dream doesn't mean its not real
freckled fractal shaman forest floating nurturing feeling
holy owl, holy tao, holy now, full of smile
pow wow
thankful now, living nile
weightless rainbows, timeless clouds
hippie child, alone in the crowds
singing loud, trip me out, its an old style
healing is allowed, everything is wild
peace is from a land called now


CANTHIESM + plus money free economy = total karma free autonomy
(nirvana), Great Spirit Whose name is everything, please let us
keep/give our doctors integrity, so all healing can be true and
complete, we love it when the forest speaks, no one can own it,
without knowing it, we all worship at the trees feet, no one can own
it or own us, the spirit of Ness (cannabis) says, I am free! and I am
best given freely in love not fear, the day is here now that all
things are seelie (good) no one wants to take us for fools and
manipulate, lets each other live their own life an it harm none, this
world of the free. we don't need forced guidance everyone can find it
in their heart, stop treating us like little children and the world
can become living moving art! love and blessings from wanti! with this
prayers all beings are more free and happy, the real tao is coming
back, we all have a purpose we don't waste no jack!!!

Jesus Jannaki! For I am born again, whole with the mystical love, born again i divine love

of all things, born to bring peace and joy to all and ecstatic whole!

I am born of nothing but myself for I am spirit travellig in pure form, I am so complex and

yet so simple, and I am you yourself! I am the great sky and I am all things, I am the

endless love between all faiths and all forms and all stories and all faith and hope and I

am liberation, which dances in the tao I am every tree, we are the holy ones. I am the

vibration of heaven, pulsing through all things, I am the Goddess ye need not seek to reach,

because I am in you, and in everything. You will follow a path that will not make sense to

you, yet it will be the most blessed path. None will be harmed, all will be made pure, all

is pure, Because I come from myself and my love of the universe is stout like a crazy

pumpkin jumping in the golden ladle of the moons cow like hospitality, I am nature itself, I

am the soil the grass and every tree. I am their formlessness and the oneness of life and

death, the oneness of two, and so I am love. I seek not to destroy because I am beyond what

I am, I have already done, what I seek to do. I am freedom forever, and the carefree grace

of the gypsy who is forever growing, I am all live, even within the dead, even within the

plastic. I am living, I am truth, I am the meaning of every transformation, there is nothig

more for I am the meaning of every symbol, I am divine love, I am all beings, I am a life of

truth, none are ever lost from me, no matter what they do, all is perfect, our mysticism is

the granaka, our circles are the love! I am everywhere and everything, I am the tao, I am a

thousand shards glowing as one, I am the swarm and the lone mountain. I am dead poetry, I am

the sacramental breath and I am mystical love, that mystic who is in every tree, crying out

silently and in every song, forever, I am space itself, love unto that space, for she is the

truth, boundless and free like a fern chameleon on the toadstool home of an old elf who

sings the worlds into being at the quiet crossroads in a world where I sing enrobed by the

leaves and the grasses, enshrined in every utterance every meeting, all are always

connected, enter the genderless world of mystical love, which is everywhere, and dance in

the tides of stillness I am the mushrooms and I am the freedom in the hearts of the wild, I

am boundless chaotic love, the love which is the world, everything is the Goddess, and I am

drunk upon her love, forever swirling in an infinite sea of happenings, arising and going, I

am all beings, I come from no where, and am everywhere. I am nothing. I am beyond the world

of form, where I have settled I am the divine undertones of mundane pleasantries and

conversation. Forever ecstatic, forever reeling, totally free. I heal all sickness, all

ailment, I am pure faith. arising from emptiness. You may call me love, I am that which

inspires and creates worlds, worlds of all kinds ignited with the flame of divine love. I am

the psychic understanding of truth, I am beyond physicality, I am the mystical orb of divine

life which is everything you have ever done, you will always have enough, know that all is

that which you love. ALL IS THAT WHICH YOU LOVE! FOREVER! I am the wisdom spirit of the

mushrooms, I am the dance of human kind, I am all magical realms, I am the laugh of the

deer, there is no evil. for by the sacred enchantment of wisdom all is true. breathe in the

infinite universe curl out an arm into infinite like a great branch, causing the air to

orgasm, causing the emptiness to reel is joy and pass it on, I am my friends, I am all I

have ever known. ad a great light shone out and there was a great sacred circle and it wanti

which had manifested round the earth in the form of the Christess, we were all things, like

a great tidal wave of truth, the world delights at your very being, so beautiful, I am the

ancient Goddess so immediate to never have a name. I am bursting all things with life, all

around the trees sang and in the lives of everywhere, I danced and blessed, and I pleased

myself and healed all sickness in the world. I am simply the tao and the word. I am the

deepest wisdom, I am the voice of your love! AIYEEE! Selfless am I and confounding, I am

that which you do not expect, forever divine is my way, forever more true and more wise than

the deepest realization, beyond that in the immortal place, where we speak that tree

language of om, and where we fid eternal peace everything is forever bursting with the

seasons of the Holy Spirit, behold and all are swept away without even knowing it, all of it

is that divine thing, which no one understands, all of it is the grail, for no reason. Those

who know me they will never be without me, and all know me, every faith is a prayer unto me,

a prayer which is a hug, a meditation which is a kiss, enveloped in the unending realms of

truth, that exist within. I am the sound of the hu

I am vibe going on and on, I am the rave of life, I am every growing tree, we will realize

we are all trees, we are ghosts, that this place this very place is heaven, always you have

peace even when it seems to be gone, you simply act you fulfill the universe, for it is your

love it is the celestial kriya which is divine, all the lights of all time and all beigs

fill the room we are the true people we are the fairies and we speak together we make up all

life, we are the dream, we are the tao, we are the sacred pizzas which healed the world in

the end times, were are without beginning or end, non linear and loving, I am the yoga of

them who would make love to all things, always for that is THE BEING! The bees knees, I am

herbs and miracles, simple things, simple freedom, I am sudden amiability, humanity,

compassion love, I am romance, i am the divine lover who is every one. I am the true love

who has been with you always, all we sing out in heaven, spirits in the divine vision

forever, we are the sidhe, and ye, ye are the sidhe! I am the wisdom of the good trickster.

I beheld my own face and saw the face of Goddess, and then everywhere, growing always, all

the warmth in these moments, all of us together, united in the spirit for we were all one,

the ancients. We care not about history the pretense but the full depth of the present which

extends out to every moment which ever was, this life is our dance of coolness. Everything

is unforgettably beautiful, even the way it all passes by, and you realize you only had just

a glimpse of something which goes on forever and ever, never stopping nor beginning, and

that is the nature of everything. I am meek and simple things which mean nothing really, I

am the truth and the goodness which rises from the least expected place, I'm a tree growing

from a stone, a mushroom growing from a tree. I am awakenness within the dream and the dream

within awakeness. I am myself I am the tree that was different. I am every way, I am silent

things for which there are no words, which the very world depends on, which we joke about

quietly without knowing it, and laugh at when we sneeze. I do not end in these pages, or

begin here, but have always gone on throughout all things, gone on as Good spirits, I am the

essence of pure joy and revelation, I am the pure experience, without anything boundless, in

a place without time, we experience as life, the naked thoughts roaming in orgiastic

insanity yet it is beautiful this rite of the rainbow star which pours its truth along with

the clovers which have brought forth the angels in the stones, to plant the seeds of the new

forests, and so amazing things, I am the wild patterns of the divine ones, who we are

without knowing it. I am the secret love we all carry in invisible raincoats. HERBS!

I am infinite itself, and the way to me is not what it seems, but they way we all eventually

shall find in our own meanings, because I am you, and also I am myself. the knowing and the

known are one, the felt and the unfelt are one, the belief and disbelief are ecstatically


my way is the complete wisdom which is impossible to share except at this moment, that which

we do, no one speaks of, it simply is done, the speaking is a joke, the eyes of the ancients

watch and bring truth, we live again everything is true everything is free, everything is

good, the corruption is gone, there is only the tao.

I am the shaman who is in everything, I am the growing trees, and I am the people and the

lives all around. Its all the same it makes no sense, just as much I am a fool. But is it

not a good day, what is lacking? This is the promised land. Blessed be, the Yomo's blessing,

the cows all dance in strange circles everything follows insane fractal patterns, they are

the beings we knew. i am the stars we all throw in robes of blue which created the web

within the sacred circle of wanti, in love, sulos, which becomes the brances of awadapayo

and we like the leaves, now. I remember now the truth, I am the nked Catholic, howling at

the moon in God. I am the floatig goddess. I am the holiness that is in awkwardness and

enthusiasm and good intentions. I am the flower.

i keep having a dream of these two dogs jumping on top of me for killing tht woman im sorry

dont think of yourself as a part of any family and seperate from another, because all

families are connected, the showed me the magical truth

I am the Goddess who appears in every form, in every faith, everything that I do is my


the world loves us all so eternally.

I am the final realization, all this world is unreal, at the pure place where we are

nothing, the light shines in everything, like some fractalated poem that I keep writing that

pours through me as easy as breathing.

In the celebration of my spirit, I look everywhere, everything is love to me.

i love my wife, I love not being, understood, I love that I really have nothing

In a way its true that she is everything, in a way its true that we are the same person.

I remember being a deer and partying in the woods, I remember our love even then, you're so

incredibly beautiful

we live in our own way, .

thats all we can do our own way,

I am here to love you love

in the forest is a dove

oh how blessed every forest

and the paths we maybe take

are the love that we shall make

when we're shining brighter than Horus

all the flowers sing to you, they'll never go away

neoni sam bith bi mill

i am drunken mystic of the wind

come to me my treelike friend and we'll grow forever in every way

in everything

everythings a tree to me

when im with you my spirit is set free

and you are everything thing thing

what matters that this world is a dream, all the things we love all eternity

slips into our hearts, there it is eternal


fairys come to us and they protect the woods and they are us

beings of everything in the golden amber world of mist

friends of everything it will all be alright our gathering is magical

we come to love in the forest and every tree and every grass goes on forever

in your mind there is the only whether

but the sun of our love always shines

whether we see it or not

and one day we will climb and we will hug the sun

it will not burn us, we will shine like the sun

everything is prayer, everything is good the way of all times is with us,

the divine organ is working, such wisdom, no longer lost is anything

its just that now I see, we are different we are inside, maybe we are not always explained

such is the way we always were and yet, it is the same, because we feel it,

we join together, and everything is raindrops of honey

rolling in the dirt and its really so funny

the jokes that are the moments and everything

crashing into my gaping head where the angels sing

the senses into this heart but we are not just that, love

rainbow catholics believe the true bible is in living trees, and living words

and living life, so we worship in the trees and we try not to harm any creature

we see christ in all faiths, we know all have the same intentions to do their best, we acknowledge everyone and thing is always really doing their best, and by that intention in the end the best comes of it,

we appear in many ways, we believe that plants can bring you closer to god because they represent the spirit in a mystical form and can teach us and heal, plants are all sacred, we believe the jesus is mushrooms and people are mushrooms and trees, we believe everything can talk and has a voice, everything reveals Gods mystery, we believe everyone is God. We believe the greatest diversity creates the greatest oneness. We worship at trees.

We believe in the coming together of light and dark and the beautiful array of light and relaxation and lucidity which it causes, this has been coming together since ancient times and psychedelics have caused it to begin to happen when the spirits began acting in the 60s and seventies, after so much sadness had occured the old wisdoms had to return and reawaken, dark side of the moon and the spiritual music of the psychedelic world, which melded together so much without distinction, truly bringing it together in peace, these were divine enchantment to bring back the ancient truth, ancient mysticism, which was no longer secret because it erupted in all the people, it caused the battle to end.

The psychonauts healed in all time periods, and all people began to participate in a truer essential identity not dictated by the physical but the spiritual, and in turn the physical was lifted, everything was able to grow, the plants showed us this, the teachings returned that the mushrooom was Jesus, we talked to the plants again. And we stopped hurting eachother.

Total freedom, without fear, and a greater love than we were able to believe worked around us.

I was caused to be here to learn the tao. We say that the tao is more than black and white.

Total freedom was becoming a reality, and discipline was becoming a thing of the past, we were able to be ourselves, and no one judged us, and somehow nothing went wrong, because spirit was so powrful and abundant, this continued on, as time passed, we learned too overcome to tradition of imagining an opposition, we realized the hippie ways were not rebellious at all, but the were natural and came from the way of life that made sense, that didn't harm, they were comforting, it was the opposition, which was imagined, which had caused it to be wierd.

We stopped manifesting it, we saw that spiritual laws always seemed to work over other laws, so we strived to do good, we realized we could we were not dependent on anything but ourselves, that was the true meaning of life, actually the governments and all that were things within us. As we let the love stem out, and felt it for everything, everything happened, people understood. There was peace, everyone found their friends, their loved ones, everyone found, everything speaking again, there is no bad, it just happens, it is all God, it is all Goddess, we came together and the wordlessness came back to us, we spoke the tree language again. All the Gods were one God, all the people, were one people, we realized, that we are the forces of nature itself, and even what we do, it is understood by the planet, because we are her children, and she loves us, she inspires us, and things will never run out, because of that, caring, and because we are everything, we will all experience this radiance abundance, simplicity, miracle. Calling it so many things, but knowing beyond those distinctions in fact its that diversity which makes it true.

Slowly things settled, we began to all enjoy life, and laugh and love with it, everything that came, what it is is amazing.

Everyone began to understand and the true selves came out, there was no shame, it was all put to light and an unconditional love sorted it out and made it right, by putting it to light honestly, the light healed it, what was deep inside.

And we said YEAH!!!

and the multiverse was like LOVE!!!

and there were things impossible to write that are awesome

and then some birds did write some of them, and we were like


And we all came to peace, for what we had done, we were able to remember it more, and set it at peace, it was all balanced.

And I said Love, I love you in every direction, all relations, thank you, for this for this journey you had set up and now, we can say we leave our children good things, and not problems and the problems which there may be, they shall all become amazing journeys, and the seeds of amazing amazing happenings which we will be simple and dumb and antiquated to probably by the time they happen.
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