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He's a lot like my big brother

          Well, I have nothing better to do. So, I'll be a critique.
  Jessi Ventura is a good man and a lot like my big brother.
  Jessi served in Vietnam and so did my brother. However,     
  Kevin, believes that Vietnam was necessary and Jessi does not.
  Jessi thinks the war was about money and Kevin thinks it was a
  war against international communism. I think wars are an extension
  of a government's politics. And most people don't care.

        Okay, let's all take a deep breath. Is it all a conspiracy?
  If you believe the United States is evil, then your on the side of the
  terrorist behind the attack on the Twin Trade Towers. Back in the day,
  just a few years after the Civil War, Senators would stand up
  and shout "Remember Gettysburg!" It was called waving the bloody flag.
  A lot of bad things were done during that Civil War to maintain the Union.
  Southern Senators would shout, "Remember Richmond!"

        Today we have a rebel cry "Building 7!" Conservatives respond,
  "Fight the war on terrorism!" I am not an architect. I do like to watch
  documentaries such as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INSIDE 9/11 and
  LOOSE CHANGE 9/11. I also have a copy of FAHRENHEIT 9/11.
  I don't think Michael Moore accuses the President of blowing up the
  Twin Trade Towers. The movie presents an argument that George Bush
  was duped by the Saudis. LOOSE CHANGE 9/11 points the finger at
  "Globalists" who are manipulating countries into wars for profit.
  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 9/11 places the blame on Al Qaeda's
  Bin Laden, who we are told studied architecture at Harvard.

        Desert Storm would have been the perfect opportunity to take down
  Saddam Hussein. The President, George Bush Senior, did not want to
  be "bogged down in nation building." If the globalists were running things
  the Iraqi war would have begun then. But, the President stopped it.
  Where is the conspiracy? If you go to YOUTUBE and enter 9/11 you'll
  get a window into American distrust of their government. There is also
  a report on control demolition and how loud it is. The explosion from a
  control demolition on the Twin Trade Towers would be heard for miles.
  Video and audio media and amateur recordings record no such blast.
  The buildings collapse with a rumble.

        I can not see or hear the bang of a controlled demolition. Let's look
  at motives. Michael Moore says the Bush family is an oil cartel .. I guess
  like that TV series Major Healy on Dallas? Or is that Jeanne? So, the Bushes
  were bush whacked by the Saudis. I find it hard to believe that a former head
  of the CIA, George Bush Senior, could be beguiled. What terrorist don't get
  about Americans is we are not a TV show. More people are murdered in
  America by Americans, than in Beriut. Americans are very blood thirsty
  gun loving folk. Was our response to 9/11 all that surprising? If you continue
  your attacks on the United States you will become extinct. That's an
  historical fact. Go ask the Native American Indians. .. Anyway.

        I watched Jessi Ventura on THE VIEW and he was accusing
  Dick Cheney of blowing up the Twin Trade Towers. He mention the Gulf
  of Tonga. Does Jessi remember WATER GATE? I can not imagine such
  a horrific scandal being kept a secret on Capital Hill. The Democrats would
  lynch Dick Cheney and sell tickets to the hanging. All you need is one
  whistle blower. How many of George H. Bush's administration were indited?
  Don't you think a conspiracy to murder 3000 American citizens would be
  a good bargaining chip? Dick and Bush saw an opportunity to invade Iraq
  and take out Saddam Hussein. That was devious. It was not treason.

        Building 7 was the head quarters of the Governor's disaster
  command center and it also held CIA offices. When the Twin Trade Towers
  collapsed the surrounding builds were damaged. This was caused by the
  concussion of debris. But, I think the CIA blew that building to cover
  their secrets. I don't see any evidence as to why Building 7 fell.
  The CIA blew up the US Embassy in Moscow, because the concrete
  was full of listening devices. The Russians had built it. Build 7 is a mystery.

        I'd liked to see Jessi Ventura on Bill Mahre's show. That would be a fun

  Any Who,

    That's my two cents!


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