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by Conn
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Is mental illness a sensitivity into the next step of existence?
The field of psychology is not an exact science.  I realize that statement is not a revelation of epic proportions or an epiphany that struck while I was contemplating the dirty dishes one day.  But, having been in the mental health field for over 15 years, that simple statement gives me the latitude I need to make certain jumps in thought that don't have any true basis in scientific fact.  "The Schizophrenic Dilemma" is a name I have given one such jump in thought. 

Lets briefly examine schizophrenia and it's dimensions to get a better understanding of just how little is known.  Both men and women can be afflicted.  Black, white, brown, red, yellow or pink ... any color person can become schizophrenic.  There is no age limit even though the onset is usually in the teen years.  There is no socio-economic boundary that can be distinguished or environmental factors that can be definitively brought forth as a reason for this disease.  As of this date there is no known cause or cure for schizophrenia.  Common perception is that schizophrenia is a "split-personality" disorder; this cannot be farther from the truth.  What we do know is that Schizophrenia is characterized by hallucinations and delusions such as hearing voices.  I am sure we have all seen on the street or in movies or on TV the person rambling on to themselves or yelling at thin air ... that is the typical portrayal of an untreated schizophrenic and sadly, fairly accurate.   

Considering how little we know, how can we truly say that schizophrenia is totally internal.  What if the things these people see and hear are not just some chemically induced delusion?  When paranormal investigators hear and/or record voices it's called an event or an EVP but when a schizophrenic hears a voice it's called a symptom.  The people and things we see out of the corners of our eyes we call "shadow people" or "orbs" but when a diagnosed schizophrenic sees them we say it is a hallucination or their medications need checked.  When we say things like “a little bird told me” or “I just had a feeling” it’s written off as intuition but when a mentally ill person says these things they are sent to counseling. 

Investigators love to research mental hospitals because of the spirit rich environment.  But, are mental institutions active because of the pain and anguish that these people went through in this life or is it due to the previous residents being attractants of the supernatural?  Several movies have dealt with people who have seen “dead people” or have had “ghosts” communicate through them but those people were deemed gifted not crazy.  Where is that invisible line that says this person is mentally ill but this person is gifted or sensitive or a “ghost hunter”? 

So what is "The Schizophrenic Dilemma"(?)  Simply asked; “are schizophrenics more in tune with the paranormal and the metaphysical than we “normal” people.  Are we ignoring potentially the greatest portal into understanding the next step in our existence by sequestering these people away into institutions?  Are we the ones blinded by the social norm in not accepting that there are greater unknowns?”  Bottom line: are we the crazy ones?

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