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It is about the emotional trauma a person can have when hurt by someone close to him/her.
You have officially strayed from me.
You glare at me with hatred.
You walk by me as if I am the worst thing in the world.
What is it that makes you despise me?
The world gets ten times gloomier than it already was when you pass by.

I remember the days where you made me feel wanted.
You were happy that I was a part of your life.
You would greet me kindly and speak nicely.
It was always a pleasure to be around you.
Now, I feel betrayed.
It seems that you made a turn for the worst.

You try to condemn me.
As a jury in a court room,
You decide my fate.
The verdict is guilty.
But what crime do you accuse me of?
Manipulation? Lying? Murder?
I did not do anything of the sort.
I am sentenced for life in a prison of memories.

It is the worst type of torture.
One thought comes in, and instead of leaving, it continues to build.
I start to tremble at the thought of doing nothing right.
Rapidly, I am pulled in closer to insanity. 
I feel trapped by emotions, and though feelings are good, this is excess.
I take words of what you spoke to me and repeat them numerously in my head.
There is not a way for me to get rid of it.

You put me in chains and left me here to die in my sorrows.
You do not care, and I do not matter to you.
I am abandoned here in this cell as I die due to the coldness of your heart.
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