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This story is true story which happened to a girl but it didn't continued to this moment!
Once in a blue moon there was a little girl who used to be a very kind and shy person,she lived her childhood by bothering others,she was so naughty always wanted to break glasses and dishes,but she was very talented about reading novels since her 9 year old..she loved writing and reading..when she was sad she used to write her daily in her small note book but her family were always taking it without permission and read it,they smiled every times they read it,because she was so small,but she can write her feelings in perfect way,so they thought that they'll have a great auther one day..year and year and she became in primary school,she used to talk about her and said that she didn't a pretty and she was unsocial girl some girls used to beat her everyday and she always came back home with dirty clothes ..people were laughing about her because she had a strange actions..but she had never took attention about they said..she studied 6 years at her primary school and then moved on to middle school and she always say:"this year is different i wanted to be successful student...(to be cont)
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