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This is a play about best friends helping each other.
Best Friends Forever: by Preston J Richardson.    11/29/10

    Once upon a time in the city of Chicago over at Sullivan High School on Bosworth and Albion Avenues lived a sweet, popular, smart, and outgoing fifteen year old handsome student named Preston Nickleson, a white guy who studied real hard in school, can sing, act, play sports, plays piano, guitar, loves to write scripts for plays and movies, loves to read, believes in the lord, does his work, and his word, tries to stay as positive as possible, loves cartoons, video games, and everybody loves him, including his family. It’s Monday morning, school started, and Preston just got in school, got off his mountain bike with his backpack, and walked inside the school with a smile on his face. Everybody said hello to Preston, and Preston said hello to them back. Then he went up to one of his best friends who is named Zachrey Jones, a british spoken guy who is about the same age as Preston. They both were talking about how was their summer.

Preston: Good morning, Zachery.

Zachery: Good morning, Preston. How was your summer, mate?

Preston: Pretty good as a matter of fact, dude. How about yours?

Zachery: Mine was excellent. In fact, we went back to London, England to see my family. What did you do?

Preston: We all went to Six Flags Great America, and we had a great time.

Zachery: That’s great, mate!

Preston: Ready to start another day in school?

Zachery: You betcha!

      They walk along the hallways to see another friend of theirs named Timothy Collins, another fifteen year old sophomore as well.

Preston: Hello, Tim.

Zachery: Good morning, Tim.

Tim:(turned around and saw them.) Oh hi, guys. How are you doing?

Zachery: We’re doing awesome, mate.

Preston: How’s it going with you?

Tim: Oh, just great, dudes. I had the most extremely wonderful summer this year.

Zachery: Tell us about it.

Tim: Well at our family reunion trip to New York City, I met a girl there, and she is so beautiful. Her name is Stacy Wells, and she’s a fox!

Preston: What year is she, Tim?

She’s a junior this year, and she’s got plenty of friends.

Zachery: Why she’s almost a senior. That’s cool, man!

Tim: Thank you, Zachery. Me and her are gonna be best buddies for a long time.

Preston: I’m still waiting on my best friend yet.

Zachery: Me too.

Tim: It’ll happen, you guys. You just got to have your faith in God. If you read your bibles and pray like I did, it will happen. I promise.

Preston: Oh, I always do.

Zachery: Exactly.

Tim: Cool. Well I’ll see you guys later. Okay?

Zachery: Okay, Tim, you take care.

Preston: We’ll see you later, Tim.

Tim: Bye, Zachery. Bye, Preston.

    And Preston and Zachery walked along the hallways to see more of their friends. They went up to see their next friends the Citco twins brothers, Marvin and Martin.

Marvin & Martin: Hi, Preston! Hi, Zachery!

Preston: Well hello, Martin and Marvin!

Zachery: What’s up, lads? How are you doing?

Marvin: Oh, we’re doing fine.

Martin: How about with you guys?

Preston: We’re doing great!

Marvin & Martin: Can we walk with you guys?

Preston & Zachery: Sure you can.

    And they all walked together in the hallways. Then they see another friend of theirs that lifts wheights, and plays sports. He’s a junior this year. His names is Sylvester Fettuchini, and he’s Italian-American.

Zachery: What’s going on, Sylvester?

Sylvester: Well hello, you guys. How are you doing?

Preston: I’m doing excellent, Sylvester. In fact, I had a great summer.

Marvin & Martin: How’s your workout, Sylvester?

Sylvester: Great! Try to stay slim and trim.

Zachery: So do I.

Preston: Me too.

Marvin & Martin: Us too.

Sylvester: Good. We all need to stay healthy.

Zachery: That’s bloody well right, Sylvester.

    And they all laughed and talked some more.

Preston: So how’s your summer so far, Sylvester?

Sylvester: Dude, I worked all summer. I never get a day off.

Preston: Well I just got a day off from my job this summer. It was a birthday party for one of my cousins.

Sylvester: That’s great, Preston.

Marvin: And we went camping in Wisconsin, my brother and I.

Martin: And we had a great time making friends with others there.

Sylvester: Well that’s awesome! Well, I’m going to my first class right now. So I’ll catch you guys later at gym, or at lunch. Okay?

Zachery: Okay, Sylvester. We’ll see you later.

Preston: Good bye, Sylvester.

Martin: See ya, Sylvester.

Marvin: Bye, Sylvester.

Sylvester: Take care, guys!

    So the four boys walked along the hallways heading straight over to another friend of theirs who is a freshman this year. Her name is Kyla Jensen, and she wears braces on her teeth.

Preston: Hi, Kyla!

Kyla: Hi, Preston! How’s your day today?

Preston: My day is great! How’s yours?

Kyla: It’s excellent! Oh, hi, Zachery, Marvin, and Martin!

Zachery: Hi, Kyla!

Marvin & Martin: What’s going on, Kyla?

Kyla: Nothing much. This is my first time in high school, and my first year of course. Very scary.

Preston: I remember my first year in high school, it was a bit scary for me at first. Then I love it a lot.

Zachery: And you’re gonna love it a lot, Kyla.

Kyla: Oh man, I hope so. This school is as twice as bigger than junior high. And the men are so hot!

Martin: Indeed they are.

Kyla: Say, can I walk with you guys?

Preston: Sure you can, Kyla.
Zachery: You’re welcome to join us anytime, Kyla.

Kyla: Thank you.

    And they all walked along the hallways still talking.

Kyla: Say, Preston.

Preston: Yes?

Remember that all girl high school rockband that we saw in May in this high school before school was out for summer?

Preston: You mean “The Bad Ol’ Putty Tats?

Kyla: And the lead singer is Coleen Madrazzo?

Preston: Yes, I’ve got her autograph and their CD. She’s not dead, is she?

Kyla: No, she and  the rest of the girls are over at the high school auditorium right now.

Preston, Zachery, Marvin, and Martin: No way!

Kyla: Way! Let’s go meet them again! Shall we?

Preston: Yes, absolutely!

Zachery: Righto!

Marvin & Martin: Every man for himself!

    They all rushed over to the auditorium to see “The Bad Ol’ Putty Tats, including Coleen Madrazzo  until they stopped for a while to say hello to Principal Anthony Roeber, a 55 year old man with a mustache, and a grey suit.

Preston: Good morning, Principal Roeber.

Principal Roeber: Good morning, kids. How are you?

Zachery: We’re doing great, Principal Roeber.

Kyla: How’s your summer, Principal Roeber?

Principal Roeber: Awesome! I went back home to Las Vegas to see my family again, and we had a great time.

Preston: Well I hope you didn’t gamble too much.

Principal Roeber: No, I don’t gamble.

Preston: Good. Because that would be a sin against God.

Principal Roeber: Yes, a very bad sin.

Preston: Well I went to Six Flags Great America in the summer.

Zachery: I went home to London to see my family.

Kyla: I just spent my time enjoying the city of Chicago. And I love every minute of it.

Marvin & Martin: And we went camping in Wisconsin.

Principal Roeber: Well that’s nice that you all had a great summer.

Everybody: Have a nice day, Principal Roeber!

Principal Roeber: You too, Kids!

    The kids were on their way down to the school auditorium to catch their coolest best friend “Coleen Madrazzo of the Bad Ol’ Putty Tats.

Kyla: Here we are, you guys. This is it.

    They all went to the auditorium, and there were six beautiful and pretty girls in that band. The lead singer in there is Coleen Madrazzo, a beautiful, pretty, perky, Puerto Rican, olive skinned female with high cheekbones, long brunette hair, cool clothes, smart, funny, outgoing, and plays electric guitar. Another pretty one is Julie Cannon, a blonde haired female that plays electric guitar also. Another one is Michelle Schmidt, a brown haired female that plays acoustic guitar. Then there’s Brenda Washington, another beautiful female with red hair on the electric bass guitar. Then there’s Renee Jones, a black female on the keyboards. And last but not least, Debbie Kahn, another brunette haired female on the drums. The girls saw Preston and his friends come this way, so they went over to say hi.

Coleen:(smiling.) Hey, what’s up, Preston dude?!

Preston: Hey, how are you doing, Coleen?!

Coleen: I’m doing great! How are you doing?!

Preston: I’m doing excellent!

Coleen: Here, come give me a hug!

Preston: You’ve got it!

    And they both went up and hugged eachother real tight. Then they let go.

Preston: It’s good to see you again, Coleen.

Coleen: Good to see you again too, Preston. Say, you remember all of my girls from my band. Do ya?

Preston: I sure do. What’s up, ladies?!

All the girls: Hey, Preston!

    And the girls all rushed up to give Preston a hug, and Preston hugs them right back.

Kyla: Hi, Coleen! Remember me?

Coleen: Yeah! What’s up, Kyla girlfriend!

    And Kyla and Coleen rushed up and hugged eachother like girls always do in the first place.

Kyla: It’s good to see you again, Coleen!

Coleen: You too, Kyla!

Preston: Say, you girls remember my friends “Zachery, Marvin, and Martin?”

Julie: Of course we do! Hi, Zachery, Marvin, and Martin!

Zachery: Hello, ladies!

Marvin & Martin: What’s going on, cuties?!

Debbie: We’re doing great!

Julie: Awesome!

Michelle: Outstanding!

Brenda: Excellent!

Renee: Baby, we’re feeling groovy! My girls and I just finished recording our first CD over the summer.

Coleen: Plus, we did our first concert over at Fireside Bowl one time. It was great! Right, Muchachas?

Julie: Right.
Renee: Absolutely.
Debbie: It was cool.
Michelle: We had a great time.
Brenda: You betcha.

Kyla: That’s awesome!

Brenda: Thank you, Kyla.

Kyla: You’re welcome, Brenda.

Coleen: So what about you guys? How was your summer?

Preston: Great! We went to Six Flags Great America.

Zachery: I went back home to London to spend it with my family.

Kyla: I just spent it here in Chicago.

Marvin & Martin: And we went camping in Wisconsin.

Coleen: That’s cool, Amigos! I wanted to go back to my hometown in New York City back in Spanish Harlem, but I’ve decided not to do that.

Zachery: Why, too dangerous?

Coleen: Honey, I laugh at the eyes of danger. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Anyway, no. I just want to rock’n’roll with my girls all summer, record music, do local live concerts, and make money because me and my girls want to be famous someday.

Renee: Absolutely, Baby!
Julie: That’s right.
Michelle: We do.
Debbie: You got it.
Brenda: Yes, sir!

Preston: So are you originally from Spanish Harlem in New York?

Coleen: Si, Senor. That’s where I’m from. I’m a tomboy.

    Suddenly, the first bell rings.
Preston: Well, I’m sorry to cut this short, but I believe the first bell rang so we need to get to our classes.

Coleen: Us too, dude! We need to go to our first classes too. Well, it was nice seeing you guys again.

Kyla: You too, Coleen.

Coleen: Hopefully we’ll see you guys again in either gym, or lunch.

Preston: Yes, exactly. Well we’ll see you ladies later. Okay?

Coleen: Okay, Preston. You take care, all of you.

The girls: Goodbye.

Everybody else: Goodbye.

    And so, everybody heads for their first class, Preston went to his first class from his friends for a while to English with Ms. Marina Lopez, a big, tall, slim, beautiful, pretty, Mexican type olive skinned woman with high cheekbones, long brown hair, and a deep low voice. She’s a real nice woman. Preston went to say hello to Ms. Lopez.

Preston: Good morning, Ms. Lopez.

Ms. Lopez:(smiling.) Good morning, Preston. How are you doing today?

Preston: I’m doing great today. How about yourself?

Ms. Lopez: I’m doing excellent. Did you have a good summer?

Preston: Yes I did.

Ms. Lopez: That’s good.

    Another kid called Preston as well. It’s a black sophomore boy in high school. His name is Ralph Jamal Spinner, another handsome guy. Preston turned around and was happy to see Ralph again in his class, and Ralph was happy to see Preston again.

Preston: Ralph! Good to see you again. How have you been?

Ralph: Pretty good, man. How have you been?

Preston: Awesome. In fact, I had a wonderful summer.

Ralph: That’s good, man. That’s good.
    Soon, all the other kids came to Ms. Lopez’s classroom before the second bell starts to ring. Then the second bell rang and Ms. Lopez was happy to see all the kids again.

Ms. Lopez: Good morning, class.

Everybody: Good morning, Ms. Lopez.

Ms. Lopez: How’s everybody today?

Everybody: We’re great! How about you?

Ms. Lopez: I’m doing fine. Nice to see you all again.

Everybody: Nice to see you too.

    But another student came in late for class all dressed in rags, his hair is green and spiked, has a pierced nose, smells bad, and he’s mean, plus, he’s been after Preston Nickleson wanting to be his lover since day one back in their freshman year. But Preston does not like him, neither is he interested in him. His name is Damon Collins, (not Tim Collins’ brother), they call him “The Monster.” Ms. Lopez was very disappointed when Damon “Monster” Collins came to class late.

Ms. Lopez: You’re late, Damon. Do you have a pass?

Damon: No! Do you have a pass, Freak?!

    All the kids laughed at Damon, except for Preston and Ralph, because Damon does not know how to behave. That’s why he’s a monster. Preston and Ralph did not think Damon’s humor is funny at all because Damon is a bad guy.

Ms. Lopez: Now Damon, you need to get a pass next time you come in late.

Damon: Hey, I don’t have to get anything for anybody!! What are you, some kind of a dumb broad?!! So what if I’m late?!! WHO CARES!!

Ms. Lopez:(angry.) Look, Damon, you stop this nonsense this very instant! Do you understand that?!

Damon: No, you look!! I hate losers like all of you!!

Ms. Lopez: What?! What?!

Damon: YOU HEARD ME!!! I HATE LOSERS LIKE ALL OF YOU!!! (Then he checks Preston out with a smile.) All except my lover here in this class. How are you doing, cutie?

Preston: Monster, stay away from me! I told you, I’m into women! I love women too much!

Damon: No way, baby. I love you too much, and you should love men too much, not women. Let me snap you out of it by me kissing you on the lips. So here goes.

Preston: Excuse me?!!

Ralph:(to Damon.) Hey, man, back off, Fool! He does not want to be with you!

Damon: (to Ralph.) YOU SHUT UP, NEGRO!!! He’s my lover, and he’s gonna be with me!!

Preston: No I’m not, Monster!! I will never be with you!!

Ms. Lopez:(to Damon.) That’s it! Young man, I am writing you up for holding up this class and harassing Preston will your silly nonsense!

Damon: You’re not nobody up, Freak!!

Preston: Monster, cut it out!!

Ms. Lopez: Damon, you get to your seat NOW!!!

Damon: NO!!!

    Ms.Lopez runs, and grabs Damon by the arm, but Damon slaps Ms. Lopez real good and hard across the face, and Ms. Lopez grunted real loud.

Ms. Lopez: AUH!!!


    Then Damon heads to his seat on the last corner on the right getting angry. Then everybody looks at Damon, and they all laugh at him quietly.


    They all turned back around to pay attention to what Ms. Lopez has to say.

Ms. Lopez:(to Damon.) I’ll deal with you later, Damon! (To the other class.) Right now, we’re going to go on with our first lesson. We’re going to talk about nouns. When they say noun, who can tell me what a noun is?

Damon: Your butt perhaps!

Ms. Lopez: Now that’s enough of that, Damon!

    A beautiful girl named Courtney Griffin raised her hand to say what a noun is.

Ms. Lopez: Yes, Courtney, go ahead.

Courtney: A noun is a person, place, or thing.

Ms. Lopez: That’s right, Courtney.

    But suddenly, a knock at the door started interrupting their lesson. So Ms. Lopez said “Come in.”

Ms. Lopez: Come in.

    And opening the door lived a beautiful, big, tall, pretty, slim, attractive, sexy, smart, talented, intelligent, outgoing Italian teenage, sixteen year old girl, with olive skin, big round European sharply etched high cheekbones on her face, long blonde hair, an Italian accent, a sexy deep low voice, and a very pretty face. Her name is Bugsi Ann Donitello. She just moved here to the states from her homeplace in Rome, Italy. She asked Ms. Lopez this question.

Bugsi Ann: Excuse me. But is this English with Ms. Lopez?

Ms. Lopez: Yes this is. You’re in the right place, my dear. And I’m Ms. Lopez. Welcome aboard. And you must be Bugsi Ann Donitello.

Bugsi Ann: Yes, that’s me. (And she laughs.) Heheheheheheheheheheheheh!

Preston: Say Ralph. This girl is so amazing. I would like to meet this girl who just walked in our class. She’s hot.

Ralph: Well maybe you should introduce yourself to her after class, man.

Preston: Oh I will. She’s my kind of ladies.

Bugsi Ann: (to Ms. Lopez.) I’ve just moved here from my country in Rome, Italy, and I want to get to know everybody here in the states of America.

Ms. Lopez: You got it, Bugsi Ann. (to everybody.) Everybody, we have a new student that just moved here from her country in Rome, Italy, and would love to get to know the people here in the USA. Her name is Bugsi Ann Donitello. So everybody, say hello to Bugsi Ann.

Everybody: Hello, Bugsi Ann!

Damon: Hello, Olive Oyl! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Ms. Lopez: (to Damon.) Okay, Damon, if I have to tell you one more time to straighten up your act, you will get a detention! Do I make that clear?!

Damon: (smiling evilly.) Promise? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Ms. Lopez: Very funny! (to everybody.) Who would like to show Bugsi Ann around after class? Raise your hand.

Preston: (raised his hand first.) I would like to show Bugsi Ann around after class, Ms. Lopez.

Ms. Lopez: That’s very sweet of you, Preston.

Bugsi Ann: Yes, that would be very nice.

Damon: WHAT?!!! Uh-uh, lover boy! You always show me around, never no one else! If you do that, I will get mad! And I would hate to beat the tar out of you, boy!

Preston: (to Damon.) Monster, knock it off!! I don’t love you I said!! And there’s no way I’m going to be with you either because you’re disgusting!!

Ms. Lopez: Pay no attention to Damon, Preston. He shall be punished.

Damon: Not so fast, Freakazoid!! Nobody is going to punish me because I kill them if they do!!

Ms. Lopez: (angry.) Okay, that’s it!! Damon, you’ve got a detention!! Do you understand me?!!

Damon: SAYS WHO?!!!

Ms. Lopez: Says me!! In fact, I’m going to write you up right now!!

Damon: (took a knife from his pocket.) OH YEAH?!!!

    Then Damon threw the knife at Ms. Lopez, and it flew straight to the blackboard, and Ms. Lopez screamed!



    Everyone else was frightened.

Damon: Now, if you all would do as I say, nobody gets hurt! If you don’t then I will harm you completely! Capeashe?! (to Preston.) That includes you, lover boy! You’re mine! Not women’s!

Preston: Ms. Lopez, may I please be excused?

Ms. Lopez: Yes you may, Preston.

Damon: NO YOU MAY NOT!!!

Preston: Shut up, Monster!! I wasn’t talking to you!!

Ms. Lopez: Here, Preston, let me write you a pass.

Damon: DON’T YOU WRITE HIM ANYTHING, FREAK!!! (To Preston.) You’re not going anyplace without me, sexy!!

Preston: Monster, I said LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Damon: NO!!!

Ms. Lopez: Here you go, Preston.

Preston: Thanks.

    But just before Preston was going to get the pass from Ms. Lopez, Damon used a crossbow, aimed at the pass, and shot it from Ms. Lopez’s left hand and flew it to the blackboard also.

Ralph: (to Preston.) Run, man! Don’t let that creep Monster mess you up!

Preston: Right, Ralph!

    So Preston got out of his seat, ran out the door to the principal’s office, but Damon got out of his seat too, and started chasing Preston. Ms. Lopez got on her celphone to call the police.

    Meanwhile, Preston ran really fast away from Damon straight to the principal’s office and he made it.


    Preston went inside the office, and saw two ladies older than him. Preston told them this.

Preston: Excuse me, ladies. But this is an emergency! I need to speak to Principal Saturn right away! There’s a guy who is after me, plus, he ruined our English class with Ms. Lopez!

First lady: Sure, just go straight to his office. He should be there. (To the second lady.) Isn’t he, Rachel?

Second lady: Yes, Darla, he is there. (To Preston.) Just walk on in, son.

Preston: Thank you.

    And Preston walked straight to the office of Principal Woody Saturn, a 63 year old grey haired white guy with the navy blue suit on.

Preston: Principal Saturn, I need to talk to you for a moment!

Principal Saturn: Why sure, Preston. What’s on your mind?

Preston: It’s about Damon Collins “aka The Monster” has just frightened our English class with Ms. Lopez with weapons! Now he’s after me again! You’ve got to do something quick!

Principal Saturn: Is he out there in the hallways right now?

Preston: Yes he is.

Principal Saturn: Here, I’ll handle this.

Preston: Thank you.

    As Principal Woody Saturn goes outside the hallways and there was Damon.

Damon: (to Principal Saturn.) WHERE’S MY LOVER?!!!

Principal Saturn: Now Damon, you need to behave yourself and leave Preston alone! You’re scaring everybody away!

Damon: Never mind that, you boob!! I want my lover out of that office!!

Principal Saturn: Now I don’t want to hear your smartmouth, Damon! This has got to stop!

    Suddenly, the police came by to arrest Damon. There were two policemen with their guns out aiming at Damon.

The first policeman: FREEZE!! POLICE!! Is your name Damon Collins?


The second policeman: You’re under arrest on suspendtion of using weapons in school, and raping people!!


Preston: That’s what you get for telling me to be your lover! That’s a sin against God, Monster!


Preston: Don’t hold your breath, Monster!

Principal Saturn: Hopefully Damon will learn his lesson.

Preston: Well, let’s hope so. Thank you for everything, Principal Saturn.

    And Preston went back to the classroom and made it in.

Ms. Lopez: Is Damon gone?

Preston: The police took care of it. He won’t be bothering us anytime soon.

Ms. Lopez: Oh, thank goodness.

Ralph: Let’s hear it for my man Preston!

    Then the bell rings, and everybody leaves to go to their next class. Preston Nickleson shows Bugsi Ann Donitello around the whole school.

Preston: Here we are, Bugsi Ann, the gym.

Bugsi Ann: The gym.

Preston: This is where we exercise, play all sorts of sports. Which is where I’m going right now.

Bugsi Ann: You are? Me too.

Preston: You are? Excellent!

Bugsi Ann: So I’ll see you then, Preston.

Preston: Okay, Bugsi Ann, I’ll see you then.

    And they both walked to the gym together and go in separate rooms. Preston heads for the men’s room, and Bugsi Ann heads to the woman’s room. Then Preston ran into Sylvester Fettuchini again, and his friend Bob White.

Preston: Hello, Sylvester.

Sylvester: What’s up, Preston. How are you doing?

Preston: Awesome!

Bob: Hi, Preston. I’m Bob White. I’m Sylvester’s friend.

Preston: Hi, Bob, nice to meet you.

    Soon, everybody leaves the lockeroom with their gym clothes on, heads over to the gym to see Coach Frazier Kent, a 55 year old man with a baseball cap in his head.

Coach Kent: Good morning, Boys.

Everybody: Good morning, Coach Kent.

Coach Kent: Today, I’m going to teach you guys how to play soccer. We’re going to do it outside. But first, let’s do our exercises. How about 20 jumping jacks.

Preston: Fine with me, Coach Kent.

Coach Kent: You got it, Preston. (to everybody.) Okay, everyone, let’s go! One one, one two, one three, one four, one five, one six, one seven, one eight, one nine, one ten, one eleven, one twelve, one thirteen, one fourteen, one fifteen, one sixteen, one seventeen, one eighteen, one nineteen, and one twenty! Now, ten push ups.

Everybody: Oh no, Coach. Not those.

Coach Kent: Yes, those. Let’s go! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Now, let’s touch our toes.

    A guy named Scott said something.

Scott: Yeah, better than those push ups.

Coach Kent: Absolutely, Scott. (to everybody.) Okay, Boys, let’s go! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Okay, Boys, let’s head outside.

    Meanwhile at the police station in west Schreiber Avenue, Damon Collins in jail used his celphone to call three of his gay monster partners in crime to get him out of jail so that they can mess up the whole school for everybody else, and get Preston Nickleson again.

Damon: Hello, Jack, Ramon, and Sol. This is Damon Collins. I need all three of you to come to the police station on Schreiber Avenue and get me out of jail right away. We’re going back to Sullivan High School to get my lover name Hotkiss Nickleson. I want the two of us to be together alone all day and all night making love to eachother with no schoolwork, and no rules. And if you see any policeman come by you at anytime, kill them, and leave no stone unturned. Okay? Now hurry up, and get me out of here!

    Then Damon turned off his celphone, put it in his left pants pocket, then a policeman came over to Damon’s cell and asked him this question.

The policeman: What are you doing, fellow?

Damon: Get out of here!

The policeman: Look, you were talking to somebody in here! Now I want to know what are you doing, and I want to know now!

Damon: It’s none of your business, jackass!!

The policeman: Do you have a celphone on you? You know that you’re not allowed to have celphones here. That’s against the law.

Damon: So what if I do?!! What are you going to do about it?!!

    The officer unlocked the cell to see what Damon has in his pockets, but Damon took the officer’s set of keys, threw him in, and locked the cell. Then he ran for his life.



    But Damon ran on and on and on. Two other police officers tried to block the hallways on Damon with their guns out.

The two policemen: Freeze! Police!

Damon: OH YEAH?!!

    The guards tried to shoot him, but missed. Damon jumped up and kicked their faces with his feet. The officers fell down, and Damon took their guns and kept right on running.


    So Damon ran out of the police station, and his gay friends are there just in the nick of time in an old 1989 Ford van, and Damon went in, and they drove away.
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