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A play about best friends helping each other.
  Meanwhile back at Sullivan High, it was lunch time for the kids, and Preston Nickleson, along with Zachery, Tim, Marvin, Martin, Sylvester, Bob White, Kyla, Coleen, Ralph, and Bugsi Ann were having lunch together.

Preston: I can’t believe we’ve got two principals working for our school.

Zachery: Yeah, mates. How amazing is that.

Kyla: Actually, they’re a team. We’ve always have two principals working for our school. They’re partners.

Ralph: Anthony Roeber, and Woody Saturn.

Bugsi Ann: They’re real nice guys.

Coleen: Absolutely, muchacha.

Bugsi Ann: Oh, I don’t think I quite met you yet.

Coleen: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Coleen.

Bugsi: Ann: Hi, I’m Bugsi Ann from Italy.

    The two girls both reach out to shake hands with each other.

Coleen: Nice to meet you, Bugsi Ann.

Bugsi: You too, Coleen. So what nationality are you?

Coleen: I’m Puerto Rican. And you must be Italian.

Bugsi Ann: Yes, I am Italian.

Coleen: Aye carumba, muchacha. So how do you like living here in America?

Bugsi Ann: I love it here, and it feels great. I want to get to know my new country here in the USA, and make new friends here.

Zachery: Well you’ve got new friends in all of us, Bugsi Ann. I’m not from around here in the states either.

Bugsi Ann: Where are you from, Zachery?

Zachery: From London, England.

Marvin & Martin: We welcome you to the states, Bugsi Ann.

Bugsi Ann: Thank you boys.

Preston: Say Bugsi Ann, do you ever go to church on Sundays?

Bugsi Ann: I used to go back in my home country in Italy. But now that we have moved to America here in Chicago, we are to find a church where we can fit in, that nobody judges us, where we can make friends that like us, and not threaten us at all.

Coleen: Say Bugsi Ann, have you heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

Bugsi Ann: No, I never heard of it at all.

Preston: It’s a real unique church, and we don’t judge anybody there.

Tim: And Coleen will tell you all about it.

Ralph: Wait a minute! I thought Preston was gonna tell us about it.

Preston: Ralph, I’m not a member yet. I just got started in that church last week.

Ralph: Oh, my bad.

Coleen: Okay, let me tell all of you. Some of you may not be familiar with a man name Joseph Smith.

Sylvester: Who’s Joseph Smith, Coleen?

Coleen: Well let me tell you about him.

Sylvester: Okay.

Coleen: Joseph Smith became a prophet in Fayette, New York April 6, 1830. First he wrote the book of Mormon, then he built the church there, re-wrote the books of the bible because God wanted him to do these things in the name of Jesus Christ his son. He called it “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Everybody came to the church, they learned a lot from it, and they like it a lot. Then they all started making Latter-Day Saints churches everywhere. All over this whole big globe, they made churches like this everywhere. And it’s a great feeling! We’ve got a church like this in Chicago right here. It’s on Pulaski Road and we don’t threaten, nor judge anybody at our church at all. We make everyone feel right at home.

Kyla: Now what’s the Book of Mormon, Coleen?

Bugsi Ann: Yes, what is a Book of Mormon?

Coleen: Let me tell you. The Book of Mormon is sort of  similar to the bible. But we read it first and foremost before we read our bibles. The reason that it’s important to read the Book of Mormon in the first place so that we can get encouraged by the holy spirit.

Bugsi Ann: Well, back in my home country in Italy, we read our bibles, and pray to God every Sunday back at my old church.

Coleen: Well it’s important to talk to God everyday, not just on Sundays. Everybody, we need to read our books of Mormon, and our bibles before we do anything else. We do a lot of activities at our church, we do plays, we go out places, but most important, every Monday night we do family home evenings at someone’s house.

Bugsi Ann: Wow! You people do a lot of great stuff at your church, Coleen! I would like to join your church.

Coleen: Cool! We’ll get together sometimes and go watch a movie, or go to a Cubs baseball game, or something like that. We’ll be best friends forever. We’ll all get together sometimes! What do you all say?

Preston: Absolutely! I would love that very much too! What do you say, Zach?

Zachery: You better believe it, mate! We’ll do that!

Sylvester: Cool, Coleen!

Ralph: Girl, I would love that very much! Nobody invites me anyplace.

Coleen: Well you’re invited, Ralph.

Ralph: Thank you, Coleen.

Tim: Can I join in?

Bob: Me too?

Coleen: You guys got it.

Kyla: I’m in too. Right?

Coleen: Yes you are, Kyla.

Marvin: That goes for me too?

Martin: And me too?

Coleen: You bet.

Everybody: HOORAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

    But just then, three snotty blackgirls overheard them. They think that Coleen and her friends are sick puppies acting great that way. They were real angry at Coleen and her friends. So one of the blackgirls got up from her seat, went to that table, and started threatening Coleen.

The blackgirl: Hey, y’all need to stop acting crazy around here! Y’all stupid!

Coleen: Hey, who are you calling stupid?!

The blackgirl: YOU!!! You got a problem with that?!

Coleen: Look, you don’t even know me, alright?! Plus, I was just talking to my friends about the church I go to, and not you, so keep out of this, why don’t you!

    But the girl slapped Coleen real good and hard across the face, and Coleen punched her flying back to her table where the other blackgirls are.

The blackgirl: Man, I hate that girl.

The other blackgirls: We hate her too, and her crazy friends!

The blackgirl: Come on, y’all, let’s go.

    And the blackgirls left the lunchroom.

Coleen: Also, you’ve got to remember this, Bugsi Ann. That blackgirl you’ve just saw threaten us with her grief, always ignore people like that, otherwise pray for them, forgive them, and love them, which is what I need to do as well because I still find hard to do while living in New York City.

Bugsi Ann: Wait, you’re from New York City?

Coleen: Exactly. I was born in Spanish Harlem as a Tomboy, and I’m still a tomboy today.

Bugsi Ann: Amazing!

Coleen: So how far do you live, Bugsi Ann?

Bugsi Ann: I live in 8687 North Halsted Street.

Coleen: Cool. I know where that is. So this Sunday, I’ll come and pick you up from your house at exactly 9:30am because church service starts at 10:00am on Sundays. That includes the rest of you. Okay?

Everybody: ALRIGHT!

Preston: This will be the biggest oppritunity yet! All of you coming to our church. This is great!

Zachery: Yep, we’re all gonna be by your side, mate.

Preston: Everybody together! We are best friends forever!

Ralph: You bet we are, my man.

    Suddenly, the bell rings, and everybody heads over to their next classes.

Coleen: I’ll see you all this afternoon after school is over. Okay?

Everybody: Okay!

    And they all went their separate ways to get to their classes. But suddenly, checking Preston out unknown to him was none other than Damon Collins and the three other stupid gayguys, Jack, Ramon, and Sol. And they’re up to no good.

Sol: Hey, Boss, how are we gonna get your Hotkiss to be yours?

Damon: We’ll wait until the classes are over, then we’ll grab him. He will be my lover of course because I am so madly in love with him!

Jack: So he’s in his computer class right now. Am I right, Boss?

Damon: Of course, you idiot! We’re all gonna do something freaky with him big time!

Ramon: Well don’t look now but here comes Principal Roeber.

Damon: Oh, those flatfoots! Quickly, let’s hide inside this janitor’s closet near by.

    So they headed straight for the janitor’s closet near by so that they are not seen by Principal Roeber as he walks by. He’s making sure all of the kids are in their classes like they’re supposed to. Finally, Principal Roeber walked out of there, Damon and the rest of the gay guys came out of the janitor’s closet just to check Preston out in that computer class. Preston saw the boys out in the hallways while working on his computer, and he was scared of what those guys might do to him. So he calls on his teacher in charge of the computers Mr. Halls, a clean fifty five year old guy.

Preston: Mr. Halls.

Mr. Halls: Yes, Preston.

Preston: Could you please see who’s checking us out in the hallways? They could be some gay guys wanting to have sex with me, and I’m not interested in sex at all.

    Meanwhile back out in the hallways…..

Ramon: Hark, somebody’s coming!

Damon: What?!! Not again! Everybody, back to the janitor’s closet!

    So they all rushed back to the janitor’s closet, Mr. Halls opened the classroom door and saw the guys too rushing to the janitor’s closet to hide.

Mr. Halls: (to Himself.) Yeah, I saw those guys alright rushing to the janitor’s closet so they won’t get caught.

    So Mr. Halls went back to the room, closed the door, and told Preston this.

Mr. Halls: Yes, you’re right, Preston. They’re four boys acting suspiciously stupid out in the hallways. Just ignore them when you get out of class. Pay no attention to them, just go with your friends in your next class. Okay?

Preston: I will.

    But meanwhile coming out from the janitor’s closet, those gay creeps just don’t know when to give up. They’re still checking Preston out while he’s working.

Sol: (acting stupid.) There is our lover! Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh!

Damon: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Will you shut up, you lamebrain?! Do you want to scare him away when we get him?

Sol: Sorry.

Damon: Just wait for the bell to ring, then grab him when he comes by. Catch my drift?

All three: Yes, sir. We do.

    Suddenly, the bell rings. Everybody comes out of their classes. Preston walks out of his computer class, then the bad gay guys grab him!

Preston: Hey, what’s going on here?!! Damon, I thought I told you to leave me alone!!

Damon: No way, Babycakes! You’re gonna be my lover, and my men’s lover. We’re all gonna be together forever and ever.

Preston: No, we’re not!! And you guys need to quit this before you get yourselves in trouble!! Now let go of me!!

    Suddenly, Mr. Halls walks out of the room to talk to the gay guys for molesting Preston.

Mr. Halls: Is there a problem, fellows?

Damon: You bet there’s a problem! And it’s you, FREAK!!! You stay away from our lover Hotkiss!! Do you understand me?!! He’s our hotkiss and not yours!!

Preston: (to Damon.) Who are you calling Hotkiss?!!

Damon: (to Preston.) You, Hotkiss!! Don’t you know anything?!!

Mr. Halls: Now look, young man, you let go of Preston this instant!

Damon: No!

Preston: Yes!

Damon: NO!!! You’re mine, Hotkiss!

    Then suddenly, Coleen Madrazzo saw Preston in trouble with the gay guys. So she used her voice as a lion roaring at the gay guys close by.

Sol: Woah, what was that?!

Damon: Sounds like a ferocious lion! LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!!!

    And the gay guys took off and left Preston alone.

Preston: What was that, Mr. Halls?

Coleen: (came to Preston.) That was me, Amigo. I disguised my voice a lot to fight off evildoers that mess with my friends.

Mr. Halls: See, Preston, you’ve got a great friend who takes good care of you.

Preston: Thanks, you guys.

Coleen: Are you okay, Preston?

Preston: I am now. Thank you, Coleen.

Coleen: Any time, Muchacho.

Preston: Let’s get out of here.

Coleen: Si, Senor.

    And Coleen and Preston left to see their friends. Then it was time to go home. Preston spent some time with his friends a little bit.

Preston: You guys have got to help me. Damon Collins has been after me for days, and he and his gay pals want to have sex with me. I am not into sex at all. Not even with men! But they’ll stop at nothing to get me.

Coleen: Amigo, we’ll do whatever we can to stop those guys from coming on to you. But you’ll have to do the rest on your own even if we’re not there.

Preston: But what should I do

Ralph: Just go on your bike straight home really fast and tell your parents and the rest of your family.

Marvin & Martin: And if nobody’s home but you, just lock all doors and windows. Then tell them when they get home.

Coleen: And when you get home, Preston, just go to your room, lock your bedroom door, and just pray to God about those guys, and he’ll give strength to take care of them. Okay?

Preston: Okay.

Kyla: You’ll do okay, Preston buddy.

Coleen: Yeah, we all have confidence in you.

Preston: Thank you all. So will I see you all next time?

Ralph: Yes you will, my man.

Preston: Well, take care, everyone.

Everybody: You too, Preston!

    And Preston left to get his bike and heads straight home at 4867 West Rosemont Ave. He made it home finally, opened the door, and his family was there. His mom Karen, his dad Nathaniel, his three brothers Cameron, Fred, and Bart. Cameron is the 28 year old eldest brother, Fred is the 17 year old brother, and Bart is the 12 year old youngest brother of all. And four sisters, Marie, Gabrielle, Savannah, and Ashley. Marie is the 27 year old sister, Gabrielle is the 16 year old sister, Savannah is the 14 year old sister, and Ashley is the 8 year old youngest sister of all. They’re all glad to see Preston come back home from school.

The family: Welcome home, Preston!

Preston: Thank you all. Good afternoon, everybody.

Karen: Good afternoon, Preston. How are you doing, son?

Preston: Pretty good, mom. How about with all of you?

Everybody: Things are going pretty good.

Nathaniel: Have you been doing good in school, son?

Preston: Yes I have, dad. In fact, I should be getting all straight As big time.

Everybody: HOORAY!!!

Preston: But I do have some trouble in school.

Karen: On what, son?

Preston: It’s not about my studies, mom. It’s about some gay people following me.

Cameron: Gay people?

Preston: Yes, Cameron. Gay guys, and they’re very mean. The person that leads the gay guys group is a creep named Damon Collins. He’s a monster that just wants my body and he and his gang want to have sex with me, and I love women too much. I’m not into men.

Nathaniel: Don’t worry, Preston. We’ll protect you.

Marie: We’re all with you all the way.

Karen: We should call the police if they do something like that again.

Ashley: People like them ought to be horsewhipped!

Marie: Just don’t listen to those gay guys, Preston. Just ignore them.

Fred: You know what you could do, Preston, is to pray for them. Pray that they would seek God out.

Gabrielle: Yes. Exactly. It works.

Preston: I will. But what if they still come on to me?

Gabrielle: Then tell your school counselor. And they’ll call the police.

Preston: I will talk to my counselor about this. In fact, I’m going to my room right now and praying.

    So Preston went upstairs to the brothers’ room, closed the door and prayed.

Preston: Father in Heaven, I come to you in prayer right now, that I’m being chased by gay guys at my school. Damon Collins is the guy that leads the pack. They keep checking me out, making passes at me, chasing me everywhere I go because they want to gross me out with nasty stuff, marry me, and have sex with me all night and all day everytime. I am not into sex, and I am not into men. Please help Damon and the others see the light about how I love women too much. I’m not into just anybody, I’m very picky about what woman I want. I asked for that many times. So please keep Damon and the rest of those gay guys out of my sight. And I say these things in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Meanwhile, today is Sunday. Preston and the family went to church at 3250 South Pulaski Road in Chicago. Everybody else was there including Coleen Madrazzo.

Coleen: Hey, Preston!

Preston: Well hello, Coleen! How have you been?

Coleen: Great! How are you doing?

Preston: Awesome!

Coleen: Did that creep Damon bother you over the weekend?

Preston: No he didn’t. I was with my family all along this weekend.

Coleen: Well guess who else is here.

Preston: Who?

Coleen: Your friend Bugsi Ann Donitello.

Preston: (all excited.) Bugsi Ann? Where?

    Bugsi Ann sneaked up behind Preston

Bugsi Ann: Right behind you, Preston.

    Then Preston turned around and smiled at her, then she smiled at him right back.

Preston: Hi, Bugsi Ann! How are you doing today? Fine I hope.

Bugsi Ann: I am doing fine. How about you?

Preston: I’m doing fine. It’s good to see you both again!

Coleen & Bugsi Ann: You too! Thank you!

    And all three gave eachother a great big hug.

Preston: I need you both to meet my family.

Bugsi Ann: Sure.

Coleen: Cool!

Preston: This is my mom Karen.

Karen: Hi! Nice to meet you two.

Coleen: Likewise. I’m Coleen.

Bugsi Ann: And I’m Bugsi Ann.

Karen: Nice names.

Preston: This is my dad Nathaniel. Dad, these are my friends from school Coleen and Bugsi Ann.

Nathaniel: Hello, ladies.

Coleen: Good morning, sir. Nice to meet you.

Bugsi Ann: Likewise I’m sure.

Nathaniel: Nice to meet you ladies.

Preston: These are my brothers Cameron, Fred, and Bart. Fellows, meet my friends Coleen, and Bugsi Ann.

Cameron: Hello there. Nice to meet you two.

Coleen: Nice to meet you too.

Bugsi Ann: Hello, how are you doing?

Cameron: I’m doing great.

Fred: Hello, Coleen and Bugsi Ann. Nice to meet you ladies.

Coleen: Likewise, dude.

Bugsi Ann: Absolutely.

Bart: Hi. Nice to meet you girls. Any friend of my brother Preston’s is a friend of ours.

Bugsi Ann: Aw, why thank you! You’re our friend too.

Coleen: Absolutely, man. You’re definitely our friend.

Bart: Why thank you!

Bugsi Ann: Actually, I’m not from around the states. I’m from Rome, Italy.

Coleen: And I’m from New York City.

Preston: And meet my four sisters, Marie, Gabrielle, Savannah, and Ashley.

Marie: Hi, I’m Marie. What are your names?

Coleen: I’m Coleen from New York City.

Bugsi Ann: And I’m Bugsi Ann from Rome, Italy.

Marie: Nice to meet you two.

Coleen: Nice to meet you too, Marie.
Bugsi Ann: Likewise, I’m sure.

Gabrielle: I’m Gabrielle. Hi.

Coleen: Hi, Gabrielle, I’m Coleen. Nice to meet you.

Bugsi Ann: And I’m Bugsi Ann. Nice to meet you.

Gabrielle. Nice to meet the two of you.

Savannah: Hi, I’m Savannah.

Coleen: Hi, Savannah, I’m Coleen. Nice to meet you.

Bugsi Ann: Hi, Savannah, I’m Bugsi Ann. Nice to meet you too.

Savannah: Nice to meet the two of you.

Ashley: Hi, I’m Ashley. You’re Preston’s friends, right?

Coleen: Yes we are. I’m Coleen Madrazzo. And your name again?

Ashley: Ashley!

Coleen: Oh, it’s Ashley.

Bugsi Ann: And I’m Bugsi Ann. Nice to meet you, Ashley.

Ashley: Nice to meet you guys too.

Coleen: Likewise, dudette.

Ashley: You got it.

Preston: Well we’re gonna look for a seat to sit down. So can we talk to you ladies a little bit later?

Coleen: Hey, can me and Bugsi Ann sit with you guys?

Preston: Sure. (to his mother Karen.) Can they, mom? Dad?

Karen: Of course you can.

Nathaniel: It’s alright by us.

Bugsi Ann: Thank you!

Coleen: Cool!

    And they all found a seat together and all sat together enjoying each other’s company.

Coleen: Thank you for letting us sit with you, Preston.

Preston: Oh you’re quite welcome, Coleen.

Bugsi Ann: Yes, thank you.

Preston: You’re welcome, Bugsi Ann.

    Coming to the stage of the church was a man with grey hair and a grey mustache in his eighties. His name is President Tyrone John, a british spoken person in charge of the whole church. He is now getting ready to pray.

Tyrone John: Can we pray please? (Everybody prayed with him.) Dear gracious God, our heavenly father, thank you for bringing us all here this morning. I know it’s hard to get up this morning from our beds, but we made it here okay. Thank you for brining us good health, life, and peace. Thank you for the air we breathe. For those that our not here, we all wish them well, and hope for them to have a great day. Please forgive our enemies for they don’t know what they’re doing. Thank you for families, and friends that love us and care for us. Help us all to love and care for each other including our enemies. And we pray that our enemies live in good health too. God, we thank you for bringing us all into this world, and we thank you for being here for us always. And I say these things in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

Everybody: Amen.

    But unknown to Preston and his family and friends, their every move has been watch by those nasty evil gay guys again from in front of the door in rags. They’re none other than Damon Collins, along with Jack, Ramon, and Sol. And they’re up to no good again.

Jack: Here we are inside the church, boss. But I don’t see our lover.

Damon: Keep looking. He’s around here someplace.

    And they all looked around part of the church to find Preston Nickleson.

Ramon: Are we there yet?

Damon: No, dummy! Keep looking some more.

Sol: When will we find him?

Damon: I don’t know! Just keep looking, you morons!

    Suddenly, President Tyrone John started to speak again.

President Tyrone John: And now for our great oppritunity, we present Preston Nickleson who will be doing a piano duet called “Yes, Jesus loves me.

    And Preston rushes to the stage to the piano to play for everyone.

Preston: If you all know the words, please sing along with me.

    The four gay no goodniks were surprised to see him.

Damon: There he is, fellows I told you he’d be here. Now spread out so that we can get him later.

    Everybody sang with Preston, except for the four gay creeps.

Everybody: Jesus loves me this I know.
                    For the bible tells me so.

Damon: Yuck! Who invented this gospel nonsense in the first place?!

Jack: I don’t know, but it’s giving me a bad headache!

Sol: I don’t like it either! I find it very disgusting!

Ramon: This God and Jesus garbage has got to go!

Damon: I’ll say it’s got to go! As soon as he sits down, we’ll be ready for him!

Everybody: Yes, Jesus loves me.
                    Yes, Jesus loves me.
                    Yes, Jesus loves me.
                    For the bible tells me so.

    Then Preston leaves the piano and heads back to his seat.

Damon: Hey, you guys, now it’s our chance.

    Unknown to Preston, he is being watched and followed by the gay creeps again that want him to love them and have sex with them which of course, he’s not going to.

Damon: (found Preston’s seat.) Hey, good looking!!

Preston: (snapped his head behind him.) Monster, what are you doing here? This is a church, not an amusement park! Leave me alone!

Damon: No, baby. You’re mine, and you’re coming with us.

Preston: No, let go of me! First of all, how did you find me here, huh?!

Nathaniel: Hey, what’s going on around here?

Preston: Dad, help me!

Coleen: I’ve got it, amigo. (to Damon.) You turn my buddy loose this very instant, boy!

Sol: We’re not doing no such thing! We’re taking him with us!

Damon: Yeah, that’s right!

    And Coleen kicked the four gay guys sky high straight to the door with a loud sound that interrupted another president in the church, and he’s all American. His name is President Ralph Milken. He was about to speak but not with the noise Coleen made with the gay guys.

Ralph: (to the kids.) Young people, I would suggest you would cease the rest of the entertainment PLEASE!!!

Preston & Coleen: Sorry, sir.

Damon: Not sorry, jerk!!

Ralph: (to Damon.) Excuse me, young man?!

Damon: You heard me! Are you deaf, you old DUMMY?!!!

Ralph: Now see here, young man-----------------

Damon: NO, YOU SEE HERE!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!!! I will be around for my lover to get out of this stupid church, and so will my men because we don’t believe in God, and we don’t believe in Jesus!! We don’t believe in Heaven, nor Hell!! (To Preston.) Hey, Hotkiss!! (Preston snapped his head.) We’re gonna get you, Loverboy! We’re not through with you yet! We’re gonna marry you to us, and we’re gonna have sex with each other all night and all day, everyday, every year, and beyond!

Bugsi Ann: (to Damon.) Monster, you men are beyond stupid, that’s what you are!

Damon: (to Bugsi Ann.) YOU STAY OUT OF THIS, YOU ITALIAN WENCH!!! We will come back for my lover soon!!


    And Damon, Jack, Ramon, and Sol left the church so that President Ralph Milken can speak his story. But Preston was really upset about what Damon and his men are going to do to him after service. He’s not feeling right. Coleen started helping him.

Coleen: Hey Preston, are you okay?

Preston: No, I’m not okay. I am terrified.

Coleen: Do you want to talk?

Preston: Yes I do.

Coleen: Let’s do it.

    So Coleen and Preston got out of their seats to go talk on the hallways where there are seats to sit down.

Nathaniel: (to Preston.) Where are you going, son?

Preston: Dad, please! I want to talk to Coleen.

Nathaniel: Okay.

    And Coleen and Preston were on their way to the hallways to sit down and talk, and they did.

Coleen: Okay, handsome. Tell me what’s your issue.

Preston: I don’t know what’s Damon “The Monster” want with me all these times. Ever since I was a freshman, Damon and his men have been after me since day one. To top it off, the first time I met Damon, the monster burped at my left ear, I told him to stop it, he gave me such an evil smile like he’s in love with me going “Hi ya, sexy.” I told him to leave me alone many times. But he gets mad and starts beating the daylights out of me. I told him “Cut it out!” I love women too much! But he won’t listen to me. I tried calling the police many times, but he and his men breaks out with no bail and starts looking for me, and they will stop at nothing to get me. Coleen, they’re gonna do me a lot of harm. They want to have sex with me, and I am not interested in any sex! I wish those creeps would leave me alone. I’m a smart kid. I know right from wrong.

Coleen: We all know you know right from wrong. That Damon is just plain selfish. When people act that way towards you, Preston, you’ve just got to ignore them, and just go about your own business. Just go straight home after school, go to your room, close your door, pray that Damon and his nasty kind would seek God and his kingdom, and hopefully they won’t chase you as much. You see, Damon doesn’t know too much at all, plus, his parents didn’t teach him right from wrong. That’s why he’s so evil.

Preston: And I don’t want just any girl either because I don’t want to go out with a girl who’s mean.

Collen: Oh we know that for sure. You want someone sweet, nice, kind, fun, polite, and all the other good stuff. Right?

Preston: Yes I do.

Coleen: Well just keep praying for that always. Be patient and think patient…plenty…people… ahh…uh… (And Coleen slapped her right cheek across her face real good and hard, and she grunted.) UMM umm! What I meant to say is “Think positive.” The girl will come along to you sooner, no matter what Damon, nor anyone else say to you. As for Damon, he’s not gonna live one day in this world, not even his men because they’re all stupid. Don’t worry, Preston. We’ll protect you, and so will your family because we all love you, and we care about you.

Preston: Thank you, Coleen.

Coleen: Hey, you’re quite welcome, amigo.

    And they both hugged each other cheek to cheek.

Coleen: How would you like to see the Bad Ol’ Putty Tats again over at Fireside Bowl next Saturday?

Preston: Yes, I’ll be glad to see you girls play next Saturday. I’ll ask my dad if he can take me.

Coleen: On second thought, Preston, since I have your address, me and the girls will pick you up, and you can ride with us.

Preston: Cool! I’ll be glad to ride with you girls.

Coleen: Alright! But anyway, pay no attention to Damon and his gay evildoers. Just pray that they would seek God, his kingdom, his son, and the holy ghost. Just stay with us. Okay?

Preston: You got it, Coleen!

Coleen: So are you ready to go back to service?

Preston: Yes I am.

Coleen: Well let’s go.

    So Coleen and Preston went back to service. They sat back down on their seats to hear what everybody else has to say.

Nathaniel: (to Preston.) Is everything okay, son?

Preston: Yes, dad, everything’s fine.

Nathaniel: I’m just making sure. Don’t worry about Damon and his guys. Stay with us.

    Soon church was over, Preston, and his family, and his friends from school were walking along the parking lots safe and sound to the car.

Bugsi Ann: Mr. and Mrs. Nickleson, it was nice meeting you all, and your family. They were all so very nice.

Coleen: Yeah, we enjoy meeting you and you family. Plus, you have raised a super, sweet, and wise son like Preston.

Karen: Why thank you, Coleen and Bugsi Ann. You two girls are very sweet.

Nathaniel: Yup, it sure was nice meeting you two girls. And we would like to see more of you.

Coleen: Maybe we can have family home evenings at your house one Monday night with Preston and the other kids.

Preston: Of course, mom and dad. I would love to have them over.

Karen: Sure you can come over.

Nathaniel: You ladies are welcome to come over one Monday night.

Coleen: And I’ll invite you guys to Fireside Bowl sometimes to see my band called “The Bad Ol’ Putty Tats.

Bugsi Ann: Well take care, you guys!

Coleen: Good bye!

Karen & Nathaniel: We’ll see you later!

    But meanwhile hiding from the church sign, Damon, Jack, Ramon, and Sol were up to no good again. They missed their chance of getting Preston. They were all mad that they saw him split with his folks. Damon took it out on Jack, Ramon, and Sol that they didn’t know what was going on either.


Jack: But boss, that’s his family, and we don’t want to get him when there’s family members involved.

Damon: WHAT?!!! You nitwits were supposed to run over there, grab him and fight the family!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR PERFECTNESS?!!! You three have got muscles, plus, you’re bigger than they are!! I TOLD YOU TO GRAB HIM when he walked by!!!

Sol: Well at least we can always get him tomorrow at school.


    And Damon kicked them hard across their faces with his right foot, and Jack, Ramon, and Sol felt the pain and apologized to Damon.

The three gays: Sorry, sir.

Damon: Okay. We’ll get him tomorrow at school, and this time we’re really gonna get him! So let us have no more slip ups, hmmmmm?

All three: Yes, boss.

Damon: Now this is a big deal for all of us, and I want our Hotkiss to be with us, to watch gross men porn movies with us, say dirty jokes to us, stay with us to life to have sex, listen to nasty rock’n’roll and rap music as well!

All three: YEAH!!!

    Coleen overheard Damon and his guys wanting to get Preston at school tomorrow. So she walks over there, taps Damon on the shoulder, and asked him this question.

Coleen: (to Damon.) Do you have a problem, dude?

Damon: No, but you will if you don’t clear out of here at once, little girl!

Coleen: Who are you calling little girl?! I know what you guys said about Preston! You guys need to get a life! And how dare you call Preston “Hotkiss!” You creeps leave him alone!

Damon: Dumb broad, didn’t you hear what I said?! I said clear out of my sight before you get a body whipping!

Coleen: You whip me, I’ll whip you right back! Now I’m telling you for the very last time, LEAVE PRESTON ALONE!!!

Damon: Okay, you Hispanic freak! YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!

    And Damon slapped Coleen real good and hard across the face, and Coleen grunted “UMM!” Then she punched Damon real good and hard across the face, and Damon fell down to the ground and got back up again mad.

Damon: GET HER, MEN!!!

    Jack, Ramon, and Sol went after Coleen to beat her up, but Coleen used her karate moves to fight off those gay guys including Damon, and the bad guys went flying to the trees. Bugsi Ann was amazed at Coleen’s strong moves.

Coleen: Now I want you creeps out of here at once and leave people alone!

Bugsi Ann: Wow, Coleen! You are the strongest girl in the world! That’s amazing! I wish I had your streingth.

Coleen: Why thank you, Bugsi Ann. You will always be safe when you’re near me.

Bugsi Ann: And I’m glad that I’m safe when I’m near you, Coleen. You’re a good friend.

Coleen: Well I tried to be. You’re a good friend too, Bugsi Ann.

Bugsi Ann: Why thank you, Coleen.

Coleen: Let’s head on home. Shall we?

Bugsi Ann: Yes, we shall.
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