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Walls not only keep people out, they keep secrets in.
Memories resounding within these walls
of arguments rebounding down the halls.
Each room echoing frustration and pain,
malicious words used, again and again.

The endearments and love that came before,
were based on emotions, too new and raw.
First insecurity, then obsession,
quickly followed by jealous repression.

Manipulative words cut like a knife,
depression endangering limb and life.
No matter what the misapprehension,
the need to control led to dissension.

Love isn’t always a strong foundation
when possessiveness feeds degradation.
Outside the world continued unaware,
that within these walls was open warfare.

Too many people see love turn to hate,
which time may soften, but never abate.
Such memories are a confirmation
of the price some pay for preservation.

The door is now closed, the pain in the past,
leaving only scars, of a love miscast.

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