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Kinda self explaintory
Love isn’t simple
Love isn’t kind
Love is like a disease
That takes over your mind

Makes you think different
See like with new eyes
It changes you
Until you’re no longer alive

Sucked into this other world
Where it’s just you and them
You forget about living
You see only the flower, no longer the stem

You don’t expect it
Never see it coming
Just random situations
Laughing about something

But then it takes a turn
You remember what it’s like
To be the actual you
When you live life

It pulls you down
Sling shot attack
From all those clouds
Now you’re back

Go back to being silent
Emotionless and detached
You keep your distance
So you don’t have to react

Nothing is like the movies
It doesn’t happen as they say
They come running after you
Saying we can make this okay

Love doesn’t solve anything
Just makes it more complex
Love doesn’t find you to stay
It just finds a place to rest
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