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It's different from what I usually write, but i think it's pretty cool
I need to get out of these bloody bars
I feel like I’m trapped by my bleeding scars
There ones that you can’t see
Cause they’re all inside of me

I know I need to talk to somebody
Stop holding things in constantly
But that’s all I know
I’ve never done anything else before

So tell me why I’m still trapped
Behind these walls
So tell me why you won’t say
Anything at all

I’m sorry for all I said
I’ll take it all back
I don’t want to play this game
Please let me be free against attack

I hate how I’m always the last
One to know
Why can’t people understand?
That I feel so alone

Behind these bloody bars
I lay cursed without a life
Behind these broken scars
I cannot revive

I cannot hide
From everything inside
Wishing for another life
In hope I can
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