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Rated: 13+ · Sample · Action/Adventure · #1817104
The world has plummeted into despair. Take a look I promise it will be worth your time.
This is a working progress. I already know I have grammar issues and some redundancy. I have showed friends this and they told me that so please don't tell me about those problems. I apologize for the grammar problems I work best when I write stuff down finish a story and then fix the problems. I am mainly looking for any problems I have to fix besides grammar and redundancy. This intro makes my story sound bad, but I promise it will be worth it, hopefully =P.

In this world there is nothing but sadness. Broken dreams lie everywhere and there is no hope for your future. I lay in bed thinking why I continue on, but I know killing myself won't help me one bit. Twenty years ago the world went into a spiraling depression that left the world starving and homeless. Not many people were left wit jobs or much food at all. Five years after the depression things were only getting worse. There were murders in the streets and people being robbed without other people giving it a second look. The government was so poor it couldn't protect its people. Five years after that the world war started because of the depression. All of the countries were mad at everything being awful so they thought war would fix their problems. Ten years later and they are still strong at war. The crime only goes up and people are dieing of starvation everywhere everyday. I lay in bed thinking about all of this. Why does it matter to live on when there is nothing to live on for. Life is meaningless, yet I continue to live on. Maybe because I'm too afraid what is on the other side. Or maybe I'm too afraid to kill myself. It sure seems as if nobody else is so why can I not do it? I hear the screams of people outside the slums of the town I live in. I live in what people call a decent town, but a decent town still isn't safe. People are murdered without second thinking so you have to be careful. I guess I should be happy that I don't live in the bad part of town. May room is located on the fifth story of a run down apartment station. My room is big enough to fit a bed, nightstand, bookshelf with beaten books on it, small kitchen, and wardrobe with tattered close. Roaches infest the apartment, but I'm quite used to it. The flooring, walls, ceiling, and door have been rotted about a quarter of the way and ave hole in them. It's quite amusing because most people would love a place like this. I'm actually lucky to be living here. Most people would kill to be in a house like this. I lay in bed contemplating if life is worth living wishing that somebody would bust through tat door already and bust a cap into my skull. I figure the pain would shake me to the very core, but I suppose it would be a quick death. Then I wouldn't have to live in this world that only knows how to kill to get by. The thoughts in my head race from one subject to another. Slowly the thoughts in my head slow down and I begin to fall asleep. Sleeping is when I truly feel happy. While asleep I don't have to see the horrors of the world. I can be or do whatever I please in my dreams. as I think about the glory of escaping through my dreams the darkness begins to engulf me. I soon can see nothing but darkness and then the white lights begin to dance and create images before my eyes. The images allow me to escape my sadness and lets me experience happiness for a short amount of time. Just like this world intended happiness can not be forever The lights that play in front of me and create a show of amazement begin to fade away. I know this is the time where I will be waking up. Sometimes I wished I would never wake up. I wished I could be stuck in this world of happiness and never experience the outside world again. With this thought I awake from my slumber to the light shining out of my window. The sunlight hits my face and tells my body that it is time to awaken. I look into my room with an pessimistic view and raise from my place of resting. I wash my face in the sink and prepare myself for the day disappointment and misery. I exit my room and close the door without locking it. Why even bother locking it if somebody could just break it in one push of their hand. I could feel myself loosing motivation to live by the second. Just by not locking the door shows it. It usually makes me feel safe, but I don't even bother anymore. I lumber down the stairs of the apartment now on the third floor of the building under my floor. As I'm walking down the hall the door next to me bursts open. The door flies open with great force just missing my body. I could feel the wind against my skin. I felt the adrenalin pump through my veins and I became a little excited. I straightened my back and got ready to present myself to whatever was behind the door that had just swung open. The door then slammed back shut and on the other side was a girl. She couldn't be much older then I was. I had already had a bad start to my morning and now doors were being flung into my face. I grumbled and said in a stern annoyed voice, "Hey, watch where you are flinging doors open, kid." The girl turned around and for a second there I was stunned by her pure beauty. Her hair had curls upon curls that made her hair. Her hair wasn't laying down upon her body but was sticking up in a fashion. The hair was brown and had sleek look to it. As she whipped around with great energy the curls bounced a little bit. Her face was almost too hard not to look at without getting lost in how pulchritudinous she was. She was of mixed color which I could tell she was black and white which created a caramel coloring to her skin. Her face looked of a face of a chipmunk. Her cheeks were very defined and skin looked as smooth as running your hand across sanded wood. When I stared into her dark brown eyes it sucked you into a vortex of beauty tat you never wanted to leave. I felt as if I was staring at her so keen fully and so long. She looked at me with great confusion. Probably because I had yelled at her but looked like I was struck by the hands of god. She said in a sweet low voice, "I'm sorry, I'm heading to my first day of work and I don't want to be late." She turned around with the force that she used to come out into the hallway making her curls bounce on the turn. She ran to the stairs and out of my sight. As she ran her curls bounced and it made me smile a little bit. I stood there for second thinking of what just happened and tried to recollect myself. I walked to the stairs and then realized that work was starting soon and I probably shouldn't be late. I ventured down to the lobby of the apartment where it looked just as trashy as the rest of the apartment and out into the streets. The streets were a mess of people running to their work. Work started the same for all people in this town and most of the work was working for the government in some way. As I bustled through all the people to my work I thought about the girl I had ran into and if I would see her again today. I bashed the thought away and told myself it is no time to be getting involved with a girl. It will only bring me down in what I want to achieve. If I have a girl I may settle down and never achieve the goals I have set fourth. As I walked forth to the factory I worked at I slipped into the realm of my mind and observing the bleak scenery around myself. The buildings on the side of the street were nothing but tall run down apartments. Apartment after apartment complex with all of the same looks to it. Dull and boring colors painted onto the brick walls of the apartments. Colors like faded brown and gray. The buildings so run down the paint was peeling everywhere you could see the building. I thought why should I care to live here if all I see is the same things over and over again. Nothing will ever change and it is all pointless. I tripped on the busted gravel of the road that threw me back into reality. I noticed that I finally reached my place of work. The factory exhaustion pipes coming out of the roof of the factory; shooting out huge puffs of white smoke into the air. I could now smell the smoke erupting from the building. The smell was a revolting one that I was still getting used to. It smelled as if a pig was slaughtered and left to build up the awful smell of burnt flesh. The smell went I first started working here almost made me puke, but I was able to hold it into my stomach. Now the smell makes me gag a little bit, but I quickly forget the smell ever existed. It's surprising how fast humans can adapt to an environment. Humans are some of the most amazing animals ever to exist, too bad they are too power driven and war mongers, I thought to myself. Besides the puffs of smoke escaping the building from the exhaustion pipes the building was quite plain. A huge box with windows lining the second floor and painted to a light gray.
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