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The Way of High Magic

      What a strange discovery that modern man flees from God to God.
    There is the God of science and the occult. What can science do?
    It can observe the mystery of life and declare the laws of nature.
    The occult is a record of ancient alchemy that science owes its origin.
    Let us begin with history:

    Abaris(400 B.C.-) This Scythian magician was famous for his fasting and
    levitation. He was also the tutor of Pythagoras.

    Pythagoras(470-569 B.C.) Believed in the transmigration of the soul and
    significance of numbers. Stoic philosopher Diogenes Laertius associated
    the teachings of Pythagoras with Druidism.

    Jacques de Molay(1244 A.D.-) Founder and Grand Master of the Knights Templar
    was burned at the stake by King Philippe IV of France. The Knights Templar
    believed in Pythagoras theory of that man was connected to all living things
    and the soul was subtle matter made from clay. It is most likely the Knights
    Templar fell out of favor with the Pope over their belief in a natural descendant
    from Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

    Paracelsus(1490-1541 A.D.) Is the father of modern medicine. His Hermetic
    belief that human life is inseparable from the universe caused his dismissal
    from his post at Basel. Paracelsus asserted that the clay from which men
    were made was composed of every chemical element in existence.
    Foremost, among the chemicals were salt, sulphur and mercury, which in
    healthy people were bound together by a subtle force in the stomach.
    Paracelsus healed ailments with mud baths in minerals of this composition.
    He believed in the power of thought in the healing process.

    Saint Comte de Germain(1770-?) He claimed to be over two thousand years old
    Saint Comte de Germain had discovered an elixir which halted aging. He was
    the author of a manual La Tres Sainte Trimosophie and the founder of
    FREE MASONRY in France. King Solomon is revered in Saint Germian's
    writings: Testament of Solomon, The Lesser Key of Solomon.
    A legend surrounds the Temple of Solomon and the hidden Arch in Free Masonry.

    Merlin(1145 A.D.) No one knows if he died, his druid magic lives on.
    S.L. MacGregor and Aliester Crowley adopted this Cetophile phase, which
    was to become the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; such treatise as,

    The Book of Sacred Magic, as delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his son Lamech
    and The Kabbalah Unveiled, brought about the Isis Urania Temple and the
    Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis(A.M.O.R.C.)which has its headquarters
    in California. All of these followers of Merlin believe in sexual magic.
                        "For Merlin had Magick more delight
                        Than ever him before, or after living wight."
                        (The Faerie Queen, Book III, Canto 3)

    There is a DVD on Aliester Crowely. If you dare; watch it.

  Such is the crooked path of science.

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