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This is a rough idea of what my NaNoWriMo novel is about.
Plot for the Long Lost Princess

It is year two for young Tia at Hogwarts. She know nothing of her family’s past. Her guardians believed that it would keep her safe. It did not take long after Tia came to Hogwarts a year ago for The Dark Shadow to use those mysteries against her.

Tia Andreas believes that the secret to putting a stop to her tormentor lies in discovering her family’s past. Though it all, Tia has a great set of friends in a group she helped form named The Allies. The core members help Tia along the way by standing with her. They also seem determined to protect Tia from individuals that they deem a threat. The Allies meet a unique professor. He seems to know a lot about Tia and her friends.  The Allies each wonder if he is a friend or foe. They will learn that the professor has a secret of his own. One that when uncovered will bind Tia, The Allies and The professor to each other. The Allies have several individuals that will stop at nothing to protect them. This includes family that Tia knows nothing about.

In order to get ahead of her tormentor, Tia must dig deeper into the truth about the McChey and Andreas’ lines.

The journey is far from an easy one, as Tia has to overcome her greatest fear. For the last year, Tia has believed that her brother Marcus died because he was trying to protect her. The Allies must learn to trust each other and this strange professor.

The Dark Medjai know the truth about the Andreas’ line and have their own plans for the young Tia. They will stop at nothing to get control of her. This includes sending some new enemies to bring the young girl to them.

In the end, Tia and the Allies will learn the truth behind the attacks. Armed with that knowledge, Tia has a choice to make. Her answer will set her on the path towards her destiny. 
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