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The 4th chapter of my novel...plz read and review..thanks
Chapter 4:

"You won't become sane ever. You had recognized me so you should have come and asked for cigarette lighter or something. I would have told you my room number through some signal. What was the need for that ridiculous drama?" Asad asked Farooq while sitting on the bed.

"Now look bro, what do I know about the style and techniques of state intelligence? I am a science guy. I only know such lame methods" Farooq sighed.

"Buddy at least in front of me, refrain from your acting. I understand everything. You may be able to prove to the world that you are a fool, but you can't make me believe that "

"I really don't understand what you are talking about. By the way, this bear make-up looks good on you. Believe me, instead of State Intelligence, if you had been in Lucky Irani Circus, your career prospects would have been much brighter" Farooq winked.

"Shut up. Just shut up ! Will you ever be serious? My life is in danger and you think that's funny?" Asad snapped.

"Hmm…it's not bear hunting season. Then, why is your life in danger, really?" Farooq asked curiously

Asad gritted his teeth. After taking a deep breath, he started, "It's a long story…"

"Doesn't matter if it's long. The dialogues should be good"

"Don't intervene. Just listen quietly"

"Okay. My ears are listening"

"This started three days back, the day we talked on the phone last time. Remember ?"



"Yes. I have just recalled a bit. Carry on"

"On the same day, Colonel Ghauri, who is my immediate boss in the State Intelligence, told me about some file R-91X. He told me that a team of state intelligence was given the assignment of collecting crucial information and proofs about a man known as the Dark King. Who really is this Dark King, I guess nobody in the world knows. But this man is literally the king of the underworld in our country. He promotes crimes and the criminals. Smuggling, drugs, human trafficking, acts of mass violence are some of his businesses. Moreover, he also works as an agent for external forces and is known to have been involved in passing critical secret information to foreign agents. He has links with politicians as well as in military. In short, he is a very powerful man.”

Asad paused and looked at Farooq’s face, which was expressionless like a wall. So he continued, “Initially, State Intelligence had been getting signs of existence of the Dark King. Yes, I would say signs, because dark king strictly stays in the back ground. But after State Intelligence received some concrete proofs of his existence, a team was assigned to gather information about the dark king and his hidden empire. The team worked for some months, and was able to get substantial amount of information about Dark King's activities and his criminal record.

Unfortunately, even the team was not able to find the true identity of the Dark King.
All the information they got is about the criminals who work for Dark King, his contacts in the state, and some of the places where his filthy business is conducted.

Colonel Ghauri told me that the team has saved all the information in a file, R-91X and has handed over the file to colonel. Currently no other copy of the file exists. He intended to give that file to me so that I can use the information and unmask the dark king.

But on the same night, I received an email from Colonel Ghauri, in which he mentioned that his life is in danger. Somehow Dark King has come to know that a file has been prepared against him and he wants to get that file. Dark King's guys are after Colonel. In the same email, Colonel also advised me to go under cover as Dark King might know about me too, and he could be after me. So I immediately left the house and came here, telling my servants that I am leaving for abroad.

I got rid of my SIM and cell phone as there was a chance of being traced through them. State Intelligence personnel have more than one passport and other identification documents so that they can morph into different people if required. So currently, I am Muhammad Asif." Asad finished and looked at Farooq

"So where is that file now?" Farooq inquired.

"Well, to be honest, I don't know. Colonel was supposed to give me the file the day after all this happened. But after that email I haven't come in contact with the colonel. But he attached a soft copy of that file in the email he sent " Asad replied.

"You have that soft copy, hmm. Did you go through it?" Farooq was showing some interest now. Seeing this, Asad got excited.

"There is a problem. That softcopy in the attachment is corrupt. I tried a lot to open it - on my laptop as well as on the computers there in the hotel's lobby. If you want, you can try" Asad pointed towards the laptop on the side table.

"Superb!! Mind blowing, literally. You don't know where that file R-91X is. The softcopy is corrupt. And you want to fight with the Dark King. I would rather be on Dark King's side" Farooq said peevishly.

Asad ignored him, "Now the situation is that the Dark King most probably knows about me and he will try everything to get the file from me which I don't have, and I know absolutely nothing about him. I am a sitting duck"

"That was a nice and interesting story Major. I have to leave now. Ammabi would be waiting for me at the lunch" Farooq said, standing up from his chair.

"Hey pal, we have to do something. This is a really serious matter, and my life is in danger. Then what about the Dark King? All that information that the team gathered after putting their lives at risk; may be by now the team members have been targeted by the Dark King. All that effort and sacrifice will go in vain and Dark King will keep running that filthy industry and will keep damaging our country more and more" Asad gave a warm and moving speech.

"Hello?? You are Major Asad, and you work in State Intelligence. Why don't you take help from your department?" Farooq smirked

"Because Mr. wise guy, Colonel Ghauri strictly suggested not to bring this matter into State Intelligence's notice as he thinks that some insiders are also working for the Dark King "

"Look dear" Farooq replied calmly, " I am not in State Intelligence so I really don't give a damn about Dark King and what he is doing. It's the responsibility of the State Intelligence to catch him and bring him to justice. As far as your life is concerned, what I can do for you my friend is that I do make-up to look like you and go to your house so that Dark King comes and kills me. And then you can take my identity, go to my house and live with my parents happily ever after"

Asad could do nothing but stare at Farooq. It was not easy to defeat him in argument. Farooq remained silent for a while, then said" First, we have to move from here. Let's go home. There, you will be safer. We will come up with something regarding that file and the Dark King"

"No. I don't want to put Uncle Khalil and AmmaBi in danger ", Asad shook his head in denial

"Hey, either listen to me or do whatever you want " Farooq said in a firm tone.

Asad started biting his lips. He was thinking. He knew that Farooq doesn't do anything without reasoning, and only Farooq could help him in this situation.

Asad started packing up. Farooq watched him as he stuffed his only bag. After zipping up his bag, he put on that fake beard and moustache, then took a spray out of his pocket and started spraying everywhere. Farooq knew that spray; this spray would make the fingerprints left on things unrecognizable. Farooq opened the door and stepped out. Asad followed him, spraying on the door handle. Farooq locked the door with the key as he was wearing gloves. He had worn them while Asad was packing.

After checking out from hotel, they came to the parking lot. They were being careful, making sure that nobody is spying on them. However, nobody seemed to be interested. Farooq kept driving the car without any specific route, just to make sure that nobody was following them.
When they were on a deserted road, he took off his wig and moustache. Asad was taking his beard off too, but Farooq stopped him, "No, not now. You have to remain in this get-up. Dark King doesn't know me, but he probably knows you"
Asad nodded.
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