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by Silver
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An extension of "The Dragon" that describes more features of Silenia and its people
Silenia is a world know for quite a bit of war. A legend states that two great powers nearly destroyed the world in an endless war, bringing fire to all of the forests, turning waters red with blood, the air choked with smoke.

It was here that Chaos descended. The great Red Dragon came down, black markings covering his body, and unleashed Hell upon the entire world.

A group of powerful mages banded together to save man and dragon-kind. Human and beast combined forces and locked away the god's power by splitting him into two individuals. A powerful curse, known as the Gemini, linked them, unable to become one again, Emotion sealed in on and Duty in the other. These two worked together as Angels of Death, guiding spirits to the otherside after they passed.

Emotion let himself become attached to a human, and when she was executed for consorting with a Half-Dragon/God, he lost control and let hatred fill his heart. To this day, the Twins fight one another, unable to die, unable to age, living in the world forever...

1) Dasuke Sernos
- Species - Human Dragon crossbreed. Cross of Halfling and Devourer Dragons.
- Hair Color - Silver
- Eye Color - Silver
- Skin color - Tanned
+Scale color - Platinum hide, milky white belly
- Weight
+Human - 152 pounds without training vest, 452 with training vest
+Dragon - 14074 pounds
- Height
+Human - 5'11"
+Dragon - 21'5"

Keith Veranos
- Species - Human Dragon crossbreed. Crimson Mystic Dragon
- Hair Color - Orange
- Eye Color - Crimson
- Skin Color - White
+Scale color - Crimson hide, Snow white underbelly
- Weight
+Human - 132
+Dragon - 201
- Height
+Human - 5'6"
+Dragon - 7'2

Sabrina Mathis
- Species - Human, possibly Thunder Elemental
- Hair Color - Bright yellow
- Eye Color - Blue
- Skin Color - Slight tan
- Weight - 142
- Height - 5'3"

Ken Marens
- Species - Human Dragon Crossbreed. Species of Dragon is unknown, but a heavy scent of blood hangs around him.
- Hair Color - Blood red
- Eye Color - Blood Red
- Skin Color - Pale
+Scale Color - Black hide, Blood Red underbelly
- Weight
+Human - 156
+Dragon - 421
- Height
+Human - 6'
+Dragon - 18'3"

-Devourer Dragons have two stomachs, a primary stomach for digesting and another for holding various objects.
-Halflings, upon entering adolescence, bond with a particular weapon. This weapon can only be used by them, and others they deem worthy.
-Dasuke, despite his size as a dragon, is known to be incredibly fast. he may be a heavily fat dragon, but that doesn't stop him from being fast.
-Ken is clasified as the unofficial species of Blood God Dragon, due to his unofficial status as a half god.
-Sabrina and Keith don't like each other. Sabrina is too uptight for Keith and Keith is too...insane for her tastes.
-Sabrina likes Dasuke's flufiness. It will not be uncommon to find Sabrina sunggling up to Dasuke's belly when he is a dragon.
-Ken never talks. He always keeps a notepad with him to write down what he says. He will only talk if he is VERY upset.
-Dasuke, if angered and is a dragon, will eat you and keep you in his storage stomach for days, even weeks. Becasue of the fat, you won't be noticed.
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