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    Do you remember Elia Kazan's epic A Face in the Crowd?
  It was the story of a conman, who gained political importance on a TV
  talk show. Great movie on DVD.

    Nowadays, radio has become so politically charged to the point that
  violence is threatened against a monkey on a mike. Glen Beck is a good
  example of this.

      Is Glen Beck dangerous? Only if he incites violence.
      Should Glen Beck be censored? Absolutely, not!
      If he is censored, we will be next.

  A word to the counter revolutionaries, don't push your luck. The establishment
  has more money and manpower and they will hunt you down if you threatened
  people, like Glen Beck.

      A stupid assassin writes a letter to Glen Beck, telling him he's the target.
      The advantage of surprise is gone.
      Every technique of investigation is, then employed to hunt the would be
      killer down.
      And folks there are plenty of monkeys on mikes to replace him.

  A democratic society allows for debate. Let's be reasonable.
  If you don't like Glen beck, change the channel. Jeeze!
  I love the Blaze.com. It is very entertaining and educational ..
  How do rich Republicans sound like they care about losers?
  They go on the Blaze.com and talk about the Tea Party.
  How many times is this BS going to sell?
  Vietnam, Water Gate, Contra Gate.. same old same old.

        Alls I'm saying is don't lynch Glen Beck.
        He will be replaced as easily as a light bulb.
        Let him be. Let him sit and watch a movie or concert.
        Don't jump him for Christ sake!

  That's my two cents.

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