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This is the begging of a story about a girl elana and how emotions hurt. hope u like it...
Tears streamed down my face as i ran from the man i call my "father", my mind a juumble of anger, fear, and confusion. I clentched and unclentched my hands, as i quickly head to the forest. MY FOREST. No one elses place but my own. Th e only place I can be myself.\

My feat followed the path that I had come to be familiar. I let the tears flow freely letting the real Elena out. My mind staerted to settle. But then i saw movement out the corner of my eyes, i froze.

I turned my head, and then i saw him. A strangled shrieking gasp escaped my lips then i started to run. James has never see me cry, i was only strong on the outside, on the inside i was a puddle of weak tears and angry confusion. "Elena?" Came james's voice from not far behind. And that was all it took for me to stop running, just the sound of his concerned voice.

I couldnt take this,......... i collapsed on the ground in embarrasment, thinking of all the times i wished james would even notice the days when i felt like telling him...........
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