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by mars
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I tried to define my writing: clearing up the chaos in my mind. But is it prose or poetry?

~ ~ ~

Filtering Chaos...

Filtering the chaos,
distilling words,
till clarity sets.

Moulded emotions,
sculpted lines,
the essence captured.

No clutter but order,
no wool but silk,
clear as water.

Relieving my heart,
finding ease,
in short sharp lines.

~ ~ ~

Is this a poem,
am I a poet,
or a labourer with words?

Written after a slightly heated discussion with my husband, who is a recognized poet in Urdu. I feel at least part of my poems can be called just that and I love poetry that is straightforward and clear. Short sharp lines, expressing something in precious little words...that can be poetry for me. For him however, poetry would be poetic, at least to a minimum level; it would pose questions, not answers; and there should be a lot open to interpretation by the reader. If it is not that, he'd rather call it prose.
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