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by Deb
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Written 11/2 years after my daughter's death

Silently, stealthily, she creeps, like smoke, fog, or plague.
Claiming, innocence, youth, life.
No warning, no regret, or apology; just absolute darkness.
A light switched off.

The steady pumping of a heart... stops.
One last shallow breath and a future is snuffed out.

No marriage or children or lover's embrace
No laughter or songs or moments of grace

What are we to make of life cut short?
Did God go oops.... let's abort?

There were memories to be made and mountains to climb,
the world to explore... all gone.
In a moment, a whisper, "she" claims the plans, the hopes and dreams,
of one loved, adored and cherished

A formidable foe this thief called

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