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Storytelling using dialogue. Romaine Olivia is very sick, and she doesn't seem to know it!
Seeing, Hearing, Believing

         “It’s been a while since I last talked to you. How have you been? Are you still having those episodes of yours?”

         “They’re not episodes! They’re real!”

         “…Of course, they are, dear…”

         “Stop it! Don’t you patronize me! You should have seen the way she looked at me with those bloodshot eyes of hers! You weren’t there… How could you ever understand, when you weren’t even there to help me get through it…”

         “I was there, you just didn’t see me. Or maybe you don’t remember? Are you blocking me again?”


         “Don’t give me that look. You’re too far gone inside your own head. How many times have I told you to draw a line to separate yourself from your made-up fantasy world? You never listen to me. It’s always her you listen to.”

         “T-t-that’s not true! You’re just trying to distract me from the original conversation. It wasn’t just another episode, as you would call it. And even if it was… Why didn’t you come? I was waiting for you to save me, save me from myself; but you didn’t come. No matter how much I screamed and called for you!”

         “You had other people there with you. Louisa was there standing a few feet behind you, and Selina and Marco were behind the trees doing God knows what- you could have called for help then.”

         “They wouldn’t have understood. They couldn’t see what I saw. They don’t know what I know. They’re narrow-minded, unimaginative… They would never open their eyes to the truth of what exists around us. If I had called for them, they would have only seen me as a freak. Everything I worked for, all the efforts to fit in would have gone down the drain!”

         “In the end, they still did. You should be thankful I managed to step in in time to calm them down. How do you expect them to understand if you never let them in?”

         “How could I? Why should I? They’ll only trample on my feelings. My already delicate, broken feelings.”

         “Perhaps, those three would have, who knows? Still, you could have told Adelaide. You’ve known each other since you were children. She would have listened, and if she didn’t understand at first… she still would have tried her best to.”

         “No! I can’t tell Addie. Never! She’s my best friend. What would I do if she turned her back on me thinking I was crazy?!”

         “Calm down, Romaine Olivia! This isn’t like you. Stop freaking out and control yourself.”

         “I wish I could, Livi! But she’s here again. She keeps telling me things, playing with my emotions… I just feel so angry, angry all the time, lately!”

         “Romaine Olivia, listen to me. Don’t let her do this! You’re stronger than this. You’re the boss. You have the power over her; don’t let her take you!”

         “Romaine Olivia? Romaine Olivia? Romai-”

         “Shut up!”

         “Rome? What did you do to her? Bring her back!”

         “Oh, does poor, little Livi miss her pathetic master? Well, tut-tut! Too bad, I’m taking her place for now. You thought you were helping her? Think again before you speak, will you? The first words out of your mouth after you ask about how she’s been was to berate her for her ‘episodes’, as you call them. Well, I’m on her side and I know they're real.”

         “Stop feeding her those kinds of nonsense, Rome! Maybe then she’ll be happier and learn to make friends on her own without you manipulating her!”

         “Hah! You’re just jealous you can’t see them the way we do! It’s not nonsense. They’re real. All those vile, loathsome creatures of darkness she’s seen ever since she could think and speak all exist!”

         “Why do you have to do this, Rome? She’s having a hard enough time as it is. Don’t play with her emotions. You know how she can’t deal with too much of those.”

         “Well, Livi. I’m not essentially the evil entity you seem to think I am. I want to help her, too, you know. I’ve known her all my life. I wouldn’t even be where I am without her. I’m doing this to help her…”

         “…Whatever you’re planning to do- don’t. If it all ends badly, how do you expect her to cope?!”

         “Oh, shush, Livi. I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t good for Romai-”

         “ROME! Listen to me. Don’t ruin this for her. She’s made efforts to belong in their group. You’re going to make a mess of everything she’s built up until now!”

         “Livi, listen to me. She likes Marco, I know, I feel it. She doesn’t know and you’re obviously oblivious, as well.”

         “Don’t twist this around, Rome. I know you. Romaine Olivia doesn’t like Marco as more than a friend. She knows he’s going out with Selina and she’d never tear their relationship apart.”

         “Well, well, you’re not as stupid as I thought you were then. Practicing on your empathic abilities? You can’t beat me and you know it. Why don’t you just be all logical, and think, think, think until she ends up sick with all your crap- like you always do! Marco is mine! …and I’ll get him one way or another, even if I have to use underhanded means!”

         “Rome, please. Don’t. I’m begging you. I-”

         “Oh, stop it. Groveling won’t help you with me. That only works if you do it with my counterpart, Olive. So, ta-ta for now. You’ll see me again when I’ve completed my full-proof plan to lure Marco with my charms.”

         “Romaine Olivia? Romaine Olivia? Are you there? Are you okay?”

         “Livi… Can you go now? I’m fine, just tired. I just want to sleep this off.”

         “Okay… Call on me, first thing when you wake up then.”

         “I will. Good night, Livi. Tell Rome and Olive good night for me, as well.”





         “I don’t know what to do with our daughter, Theo. I didn’t want this for her…”

         “Come now, Amaya. It’s not your fault. It’s unfortunate she has to suffer like this because of her experiences in the past before we got her; but we’ll be there to support her every step of the way. Besides, she’s a strong girl. Trust in her.”

         “Oh, I hope you’re right…”

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"What a Character Entry for October 2011"
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