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Welcome to new family group members;information, directions, and other content.

*ConfettiG*Welcome to our group family:*ConfettiG*
We're glad you stopped by to visit with us. Make yourself at home, enjoy our cozy fire and a tasty refreshing beverage.

*PartyHatO* *ConfettiB* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiO* *ConfettiV* *PartyHatR*

Our group facilities are being created and expanded through out our resort estate regularly. Updating and adding to our facility is an activity we feel necessary for everyone in order to be comfortable and enjoy visiting with us. There are always plenty of interesting and exciting activities to choose from and enjoy together. For everyone's benefit, our family group, is willing to make changes according to your suggestions. After all, much can be accomplished when we work together. The very best possible group events and activities are important to us because we want to advance the exciting adventure of writing and reviewing: which is an awesome opportunity for everyone here at WDC. *Smile* We will be able to understand everyone's needs and help everyone here in the group. when we work together and share information allowing us to be able to grow and prosper

We will be glad to have you join our group
family.*Smile* activities as time and interests allow
Please ask any questions you may
have, ask for help, give ideas and suggestions. And of course relax and
enjoy the view. Our mountain cabin is being furnished; and for people
who aren't mountain enthusiasts, I've thrown in a few
amenities *Smile*

*BalloonY* *BalloonS* *CandleP* *BalloonR* *CandleV* *BalloonP* *CandleB* *BalloonO* *CandleG**BalloonV*  *CandleO* *BalloonG* *CandleR* *BalloonB* *BalloonGo*

Through out our resort are plenty of cozy places to relax and enjoy each others company. Contests will be announced often to challenge members and raise funding. Fund raisers for DWG and other WDC groups will be in progress through out the season. The review lodge has been constructed and is open 24/7, our One Size Fits All Raffle is active and generating gift points for DWG and other groups. DWG member2member review request lodge room is starting to fill with review requests, and our other lodge review room is for any review requests from all WDC members. You will be able to access the lodge either through the tunnel, or by going down the path outside which has plenty of mountain scenes to enjoy and perhaps inspire you to write a story. The main attraction are our skiing packages which help us and many groups from the revenue we earn for doing reviews. You can go skiing, snow boarding, or have a snow ball fight; or just hangout *Smile* Anyone want to build a snow man?

Soon there will be more exciting and enjoyable activities for all family group members to share and enjoy together. As time and financial abilities allow our resort will continue to grow so we may have more exciting events and interesting places to hang out. Things to do are what makes this resort the place to be for all seasons. Soon we hope to have something for warm weather activities as well as cold weather activities.

Whenever any family group member has any ideas or suggestions to share please feel free to let us know by email, forum post, or carrier pigeon. Oops I think one just flew to the loft. Gotta get that message. *Smile*

Please explore our facilities and whenever you have any questions you are welcome to ask any any of us and we will respond as quickly as possible. We are glad to have you in our family. Safe travels and many blessings.

*Question*We want to get to know you; so, would you please fill out our questionnaire?
 disABILITY WRITERS GROUP Questionnaire  (E)
Introduction Questionnaire for DWG
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*BurstV* *BurstV* *BurstV* *BurstV* *BurstV*
D. W. G.
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