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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Supernatural · #1819290
The beginning of a story how a man find and witness the last moments of the divine.
Like with any story I suppose you will need to know the people that are in it, so I'll start this journal with my name. I am called Robert Gold and am, or was, a professor of geography and history at the university, wich one is not important as they severed all ties with me after my discovery. The following pages will chronicle the search for and eventual uncovering and exploration of a certain ruined chamber that would end up defining my character from then on. But I get ahead of myself, I should start at the beginning.

Ever since my youth I have been very interested, perhaps even obsessed with the ancient civilizations that has lived and perished on our world. And this obsession fueled many an hour spent at both public and private libraries studying all I could find. That was satisfactory for a while, but as I was nearing the middlepoint of my life I would repeatedly find myself losing interest in the discoveries of other people and wishing I could find and study something not readily found in any books. So set my own mark in history. Thus started my venture into amatuer-archeology. But working tirelessly under other scholars slowly dusting off old urns in the ground quickly proved unsatisfactory. Venting my frustrations to a collegue who looked equally bored one day proved to be exactly what both of us had waited for. We quickly formed a deep friendship based on our mutual interests.

One day about three, maybe four months into a dig at some old celtic ruins he come to me quite excited, saying he had found a lead to something that he was sure was unique.
He had spent a few hours in town appereantly, scouring old antiqueshops and come across something peculiar. It was an ancient book, but surprisingly of high quality. The worksmanship made it look signifigantly younger then the aging papers would reveal, wich was probably why it had only been sitting in that shop avoiding any curious eyes.

The writing on these aged papers we found was quite odd, it seemed to be a mix of ancient germanic and some kind of alphabet or symbols neither of us had come across. As we could not seem to make much headway into deciphering this book by ourselves we decided that I would copy as much of this unknown script as would be needed and fax it over to an old friend at my university whom was quite a skilled linguist.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1819290-Death-of-an-angel-beginning