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How I felt when I was saved
A teardrop falls from blinded eyes,
it shouldn't come as a big surprise.

I thought I knew what it was I wanted,
but I still felt caged, helpless and hunted.

The Devil was there, whispering to me,
While God sat and waited patiently.

He knows men's hearts, he knows we are weak,
He knew mine better, I've been unable to speak.

I couldn't say what was in my heart,
I was lost, a sinner, we were so far apart.

That's how I saw it, I know it's not right,
God's love was there, fertile and bright.

I had to come to him, not the other way round,
Now I can really listen, I have been found.

Found by His love and forgiving grace,
I know this is right, see the smile on my face.

Thank you Jesus for loving me,
Now my soul can finally fly free.

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