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I feel strongly about this because I miss you so
I am soothed by your voice when you speak to me.
I can imagine your eyes sparkle before me.
You would have a smile on your face.
I know that you would be proud of who I am.
But, I cannot hold your hands or hug you tight.
I cannot tell you how much I care for you.
You would need to see it for yourself.

It is extremely hard to get by without your presence.
I want to see you because I love you.
Why can't you be with me when the water falls from eyes?
This is when I need you the most.
Why can't you be here to see me smile?
You would be thrilled that I was happy.
I must have my body up against yours.
To feel your breath upon my neck,
I would sigh with relief.

Dearest love,
These words I repeat every day and night:
I miss you so much.
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