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This is a whole page from my upcoming novel SurRogues: BOOK 1: CHAPTER MOON, enjoy.
"Am I going to die out here? That's it I'm going to die!" Slash's head received a little sharp pain. His heart had said different. He ran towards the boulder and clawed his way slowly. The water that was pouring down it, including the fierce rain, was making it almost impossible to climb this thing. He managed to get to the top, where he decided to take a break despite the storm and all. Suddenly, Slash's eyes weren't staring at the scenery where he and his pack was.
He appeared in a dark place. He looked back and realized that it was that weird tunnel that he had ran from in one of his dreams about a forest. The circle of images appeared, this time, slow enough for him too see them.
An image of him and Leaf in the healer's den after his journey to Shine Mountain appeared. He heard little giggles and such. They were friends. Then, an image of him and Leaf once again in the healer's den, after the coyote attack when he had been on guard duty, the night he saw he anger flare when he seen her experiment. Then, the images of him and Leaf stopped. They turned into the images of all the most destructive and dangerous images he experienced. Him getting struck with the lightning on the beach, a coyote taking piece of his ear, almost drowning in mountain caves, then they exploded, Salt getting shot by a human at a village Reggie lead them to, Leap taking his life for the pups, the twister, the mountain lions. Slash fell back from dizziness. The dusty skull cloud appeared again. "Use your....heart," it whispered as it faded away like dust.
The cave began to crumble and Slash darted off. All his muscles being forced to run from the debris that was about to suck him up from this collapse. He ran and ran and ran. The mountain of dust, finally managed to suck up Slash.
He screamed as he winded up lost in all of it. Single images of everything he had just seen were in their own circle, spinning around him.

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