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My first try at writing a story of sorts!
She was young, enthusiastic, bubbly, and was fresh out of college armed with a degree in Sports Science. Sports and sporting events fascinated Rebecca ever since she was little. She used to watch the Olympic events on the television with great interest and that's when she decided, she wanted to study sports science.

There was something about those athletes - their performance in an event, endurance to fight it out till the end, their sweat, blood and tears, all these factors used to make her wonder…What is it that the athlete must truly physically and mentally endure to make it to the Olympic level? What kind of training did they undergo? Was it too hard on them; was there something that could make it easier for them? All these burning questions in her mind, led her to pursue a degree in Sports Science.

Now all that she needed was a decent internship that would let her brilliant mind find or research answers to the burning questions she had nurtured, right from her childhood. Thus began her search for a sports institute…

After going through numerous internship profiles from various sports institutes, she decided to apply to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.
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