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by Andrew
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Comedy · #1819909
Two secret agents bicker it out on assignment. Dialogue only
"Psst Jess, hey--hey, Jess! Over here!"
"Jesus, Cameron, why don't you shut up? It's called a highly classified operation for a reason!"
"Hey, don't raise your voice at me, or I'll call Pam,"
"No you wouldn't, Cam! Don't even think about it"
"Y'know what, hey, why don't you just... Hey shut up,"
"Nice comeback, dick"
"What was that?"
"I just went "Shhhhh"
"Not that you impossible idiot! Why did you say 'shhhhh' so urgently?"
"Oh, yeah. No I just didn't want you to get the last word in"
"I should fuckingbrain you"
"See what I mean?! That's why I should call Pam. Hostile work partner!"
"Would you please stop talking already, Cameron?"

"Freeze!! Hands behind your head, and come out slowly"

"Well, that came out of nowhere,"
"Shut up"
"Well, obviously he heard you. Just saying"
"You shut your doddamn mouth when you're talking to me,"
"That's not even possible, Jessica. You're such an idiot! Besides, all your bickering isn't going to get us out of this,"
"I'm bickering!? Cameron, this is all your fault!"
"Well, I have a rusty speargun that might prove handy... Assuming you apologize,"
"Me apologize? Are you kidding me? No!"
"Well then I guess we're just get captured then, eh?"
"Oh my god, Cameron! You are such an unbelievable asshole"
"Do it,"
"Do it!! We'll both die you idiot!"
"FINE! I'm--"
"You're what?"
"I'm sorry, okay?! Gawd!"
"See? That wasn't so hard, was it, Jessica? Now our would-be captor has a rusty spear in his abdomen!"
"Sorry you're such an asshole, that is"
"Wh-Hey! That's it, I'm calling Pam! Hostile work partner!"

Word Count: 266
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