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I do believe Shakespeare had a sister. Her name was Julia and he helped him....
The secret life of Julia.
And to this day I still don’t know why the genius of Shakespeare is so vehemently attributed to him solely.

Let me ask you the question to which many of you will never find the answer;
what about Julia?

Why do we let our literary senses indulge by immersing in the dewy, mesmerizing substance of William’s verses without ever letting the oblivious ear discern the existence of Her voice?

The voice which interlaces so much with his greatness and glory, the voice which does not seek recognition or fame, the one which softly sings through the depths of Fairy Land and invites you under the Greenwood Tree.

If only that voice could be set free to untangle itself from singing for her greedy brother.

No use though to do so my friend,
the era would crush her without mercy and without ever hearing the beauty within.

For that a woman can have no voice in the society of meaningless chauvinism nor can she have a room in which her talents can flourish into being.
Julia, the Elizabethan woman, unfortunate yet complacent, handed over the fruits of the thunder of her creativity to William.
Accepted gladly and shown to the world as his own, Julia’s contributions to her brother’s ample literary legacy will forever remain a mystery.
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