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The Boredom of it All...
                    Connie Britton had come to Muzzy for research in her TV
                    epic American Horror Story.

        Connie Britton reclined on Muzzy's couch. Her nutcracker thighs are crossed.
  She is deep in a theological thought. Her silver stiletto heels sparkled in the
  moonlight. "I like to think that God is analogous. God made a whale and the
  Eagle, but God is neither. They exist in the mind of God." Mrs. Britton adjusts
  her sheer black thigh high nylons and lace bra. Muzzy chews on his bread stick.
  "Our knowledge of God is, therefore, not intimate . It is imperfect, because we
  attain it through the knowledge of creatures. But, I know intuitively there is a God
  as I know I love you." Connie continued to fondle her who-ha.

                    Every detail of her naked body is transparent in lace and nylon.
                    Muzzy finishes his bread stick and takes another. "Your concept
                    is wishful thinking. People can believe anything. Your creatures
                    could be the result of random evolution. If God does not have
                    a creator, why should we?" Muzzy dips his bread stick in cheese

          Connie rises from the couch and straddles Muzzy. She presses her red lips
  around his bread stick and snaps it with her teeth. "You atheist fail to see the need
  for intelligent design. You think a rolling bolder can spring up alive. There is
  a universe of life in a single cell. The odds of that complexity arising randomly are
  impossible." she smiles and ruts on Muzzy. Muzzy eyes widen, "Why must you
  push God outside of this life? Is it not more reasonable to say that intelligence
  is life? The universe is a miracle of cosmic consciousness that abhors a vacuum."
  Connie gasps, "Yes! Intelligence is orgasmic!" She collapses into Muzzy's arms.
  Muzzy strokes the back of her head, "It is finished."

            "Oh, God. I have never loved so much." she weeps.

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