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A poem of Haikaic Verse.
When the sky falls down,

to nighttime in the Autumn breeze,

there is a quiet peace.

Beyond the  nighttime,

exists a twilight window

which winds do blow through.

When the sky falls down,

life sits in the shadow of time.

There is a quiet peace.

On the nightfall, I

listen to the music of the trees,

in the Autumn winds.

Leaves move beyond touch

and tickle my nose some,

in the Autumn winds.

A circle of leaves

fly from the treetops so high,

in the Autumn winds.

The leaves entered in

an abandoned porch, dark-

I sat while they blew.

Rain poured on the sill

and found me quiet, sleeping

in the sound Autumn.

An Autumn storm

left me solitary here

beyond the nighttime.

More rain on the sill

a cool breeze makes its way in

the Autumn nighttime.

I need a blanket

for my slumbering and rest

when it is this time.

A moist mist wafts in

leaves coil and muster inside

until the dawn breaks.

At dawn, gray skies-

blue breaks in and sun comes through-

an early morning.

Pine needles fall down

they twirl and freckle the earth

and make a good spot.

Fragrant scent of pine

and a light brown dust is here

they decorate down.

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