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by Rhyssa
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finding more exotic fears
When my nerves all calmed and died
and blood stilled in my veins
all those pesky human fears
stopped running through my brain.

No more fears of vampire bites
or vacuum cleaners, pain
no spiders, snakes, or bites of shark
no falling out of trains

no poison ivy, heights or depths
rejection letters, tests
no—my glands were undead now
those old fears flew the nest.

And new fears filled my putrid brain
the what ifs were so strong—
what if my rotting clothes caught fire?
or if a hunt went wrong?

what if I lost all my food?
if brains disappeared?
but I find that worst case scenes
don’t really make me fear—

'Cause even though my rotten limbs
are difficult to tether
some dental floss and superglue
will stitch me back together.

and even though my prey is fast
I'll get them in the end
I'll lurch them down and eat their brains
and then work on their friends

In fact, the only thing that makes
my insides gnaw and churn
that makes my limbs both jerk and twitch
that makes my stomach burn—

if I could feel embarrassment,
I’d feel without cessation
for this new thing I fear the most
is my ferret infestation.

line count: 36

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