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Two lovers promised to love each other till the end, discover they were actually siblings.
Blood Stain

By: Dana Diadem

“Will you still love him, even if you knew that he was part of your bloodline?”

“I was looking for my older brother.” She softly answered the woman, who kept on throwing questions at her one at a time. Her head hurts a lot, that she can’t even hear some of the words the woman said. She touched her forehead and felt the thick bandage wrapped around it.

“What—what happened?”

“Both of you were unconscious for two whole days after the car accident. You were both very lucky to survive the tragedy.”

“Me and who?”

“You and that boy were crossing the street when a car hit both of you. Do you know him, or even remember him?”

She shook her head. “The last thing I remember right now is a little girl trying to reach for his brother’s shirt. I called for him, but he didn’t turn back to me.”

“What’s his name?”

“I don’t know.” She looked at the table beside her, to avoid meeting the woman’s eyes. She noticed the fresh white flowers beautifully placed in a transparent jar. She scratched her head gently, careful not to move the bandage around her head. “So where am I?”

“You’re in the hospital. Those flowers are from the orphanage. You’ll be staying there for a while until we find out your real identity and who your real parents are.”

She looked at the neatly folded torn skirt with blood stains beside the flowers. “Is this mine?”

The woman nodded. “I thought that if I leave the skirt the way it looked like during the accident, then maybe it can help you in recalling the happening.”

She squeezed the skirt in her hand. “I can’t remember anything.” She touched the pleated sides and as she felt the pocket, there was something in it. It was a letter that says:

Let’s meet in the park and pick up flowers for mama. She has been so busy with her work lately. Did you know that ‘Hana’ in other language means ‘flower’. It suits you, right? You are blooming brightly and make the world a better place to live in.

Your brother,

    S. E. J.

She then felt lonelier and missed her brother, even if she can’t remember him.

“I am still confused, but maybe I’ll understand what really happened anytime soon. But I have a request I’d like to ask from you.”

“What is it?”

“Will you look for my brother, for me?”


“We’ll try.”

“Thank you, I truly appreciate your kindness, Mrs—“

“Miss Scott.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you again, Miss Scott.”

“Do you know your name?”

“No. But can you call me Hana?.”


“Yes, I’d like to be called that way.”

“And why is that?”

“I just learned that it means flower, and I would like to be one.”

“Okay, I’ll call you Emma then.”


“Thank you, Miss Scott.”


Few minutes after, Miss Scott left the room and returned with a pile of paper on her hands. She handed one to Hana. “Here, fill this up with the information you only remember. Just leave the others blank.”


“Okay.” She spent the next hour, remembering, and filling up papers. She stopped and looked at the paper. There were only 4 blanks with answers. It felt weird as if she was born again, still trying to learn more about herself. But only as a 14-year-old girl, who just came to the world.


She didn’t want to cry for nothing, but she felt hot tears rolling down on her cheek. Tears would only go to waste. But she knew there was no stopping them from rolling down her eyes.


“What’s wrong?”




“Come on. You can tell me.”


“It feels like I lost my identity. No, I really did. I’m now nobody.”


“Don’t think that way. Do something.”


“What do you mean?”


“Do something to change that ‘nobody’ into a ‘somebody’. It’s not that hard if only you believe in yourself.”


“Do you think I’ll still find myself back?”


“I really do.”


“Why are you so sure?”


“You said yourself that you want to be a flower. Flowers always bloom and bring beauty to the world. You will, too and even if it is or not your name, you are still a flower, a bud blooming in the middle of nowhere. Flowers stay beautiful even if they get blown away.”

         “You made me very happy, Miss Scott..”

After two more days, she was finally out of the hospital and will start a new life in the orphanage. But temporarily seemed to be forever.


She was then in the orphanage. She easily communicated with the others but didn’t make many friends. But she was happy there, but still she longs for her dear old brother.

         There she met a guy named Steve. He always avoided her. Sometimes he would look at her as if there was something he needed to tell her. One time when they bumped into each other in the corridor and he only looked at her for a second and turned away.


Miss Scott and Hana were in the garden, watering the plants when Hana asked her. “Do you still remember the accident? The details?”


“Yes, my dear. Why do you ask?”


“Where was that boy now?”


“He’s here. In this orphanage.”


Hana was shocked for she never knew that one of the boys in the orphanage was the one with her in the accident. He surely doesn’t remember anything, too.


“Who’s the boy?”


Miss Scott smiled at her. “Eric.”


“How does he look like?”


“See that guy sleeping there under the tree? That’s him.”


“He sure looks interesting.”


Suddenly, she felt hope rise up in her heart. If this guy is happily living without even thinking about the accident then I, too, can be, she thought to herself. “He’ll be my inspiration from now on.”


They slowly started to become friends.


Years after, they became even closer to each other. Eric was lucky to have a smart and beautiful girl always beside him. Hana, on the other side, was very lucky, too, to have an industrious and good-looking man who will never leave her.


Everyone in the orphanage has been aware of each other’s affection. The two of them were always together that some were even jealous. Allison, a girl from the orphanage, too, who likes Eric, hates Hana. She once told Hana, “Don’t be stupid, he’s not falling for you.” Days and days, more people like Allison talk to them, try to break them up.

But the truth is Eric never has confessed to Hana and Hana never did, too. They were aware of each other’s feelings but they’re happy of their current relationship. They are both happy of being friends and now in good terms. Changing the past is not easy and so as transforming present. They were both contented.

Today, they had been asked by Miss Rena to clean the attic after lunch. During lunch, they were giggling nosily, that some were already annoyed. Allison even stopped eating and went to the main hall. They ignored her and after eating, they chased each other up to the attic.

They were now silent as they properly clean the attic. But minutes after, the silence was broken. “Hana.” Eric called her as he dust an empty trunk.

“Yes?” Hana turned to him.

“You know, we might get separated from each other.”

Hana looked at him terrified. She put down the broom she was holding and sat beside him. “What do you mean, Eric?”

“Last week, Miss Anna asked me to deliver some papers to the post office. I opened one letter without her permission and there I knew that the orphanage is closing due to financial problems. So, some of us are to be adopted anytime soon, or be fetched by their real parents. There was a list, Hana. Your name was there.”

“How about your name? Was it there?”

“No. But I’ll never leave you.”

“Same here. I can’t live without you, so I’ll definitely stay beside you.”

“It’s a promise then.”

She smiled at him and nodded. “Promise.”

They’ve decided that they should try to distance their selves away from each other. If they continue this way, then saying goodbye to each other might not hurt much. They both went back to their rooms and went down to the dining hall to eat dinner. They were now very silent. Hana was having a hard time ignoring him for they were just seated beside each other.


My, my.” Allison teased them. “What happened to the two dogs? Why did they stop barking?” She said as she stood up and walked away with a smile painted on her face.

Hana looked for a place where she knew Eric would never go. She decided that the garden might be the best option, for it was cold out there. She was surprised to see that someone was already there. Steve.

“Hi, I’m Hana.”

“I know.” He said as he plucked the strings on his guitar.

“Oh. Can I stay here for awhile and watch the stars with you?”


“Um, why are you always alone?”

“It’s not your business.”


“How about you, what happened with you and Eric? Lovers’ quarrel?”

“It’s not your business.”

“Yeah, it’s not mine, it’s both of yours.”

Nobody continued to talk and the place was filled with the wonderful music from Steve’s guitar. Hana was very amazed for she never heard someone playing the guitar that close, almost like just a meter away. Her thoughts were then interrupted when Steve called her name.



“Flower, right?”

“Why do you even know that?”

He smiled and didn’t say anything more. Hana wanted to ask him how, but before she could say something else, Miss Anna arrived in front of them. She was surprised to see them together in the garden, but decided not to say anything. “Everyone’s requested to proceed to the main hall. An important announcement will be made.”

Hana forgot about the question she wanted to ask Steve and ran swiftly to the main hall. Could this be it? Will I have to leave Eric this soon? She thought to herself.

She found Eric, who was approaching her. He took her soft hand and said. “Don’t lose hope. Everything’s going to be alright” She tried to stop the hot tears from rolling down on her cheeks. She bit her lips, to prevent herself from sobbing. Steve and the others finally arrived.

After a few minutes, Miss Rena was now in front of them. She took a deep breath and smiled at them. “Looks like you have grown up already.” She looked at each one of them. “Today, I have good and bad news for all of you. Which one would you like to hear first?”

No one answered her. The silence in the room was deafening. Steve then spoke up. “Let’s start with the bad news.”

“Very well. Due to financial problems, this orphanage has to be closed down.” There was gasp and some started crying, except for Hana who had been crying ever since she arrived in the hall. “Children, hush. Let me continue first. In this very spot, the government has also decided to put up a police station here. Many cases were reported from nearby this street. It will be a big help to the society.”

“But”, Allison responded, “that only means that we can’t stay here anymore. Deep in our hearts, we consider this orphanage as our home. It is where we eat, cry and laugh together.”

“But this brings us to the good news. Some of you are going to be joining your real or new parents by tomorrow. The government is giving us two more months and three weeks to find a nice home for each one of you. That’s why, don’t be upset.”

“So now, I’ll be calling the names of those who’ll be reunited with their parents or be fetched by their new parents. Actually, for now I still have seven names on the list.”

Hana squeezed Eric’s hand. It could have hurt because Eric looked at her but remained silent.

Miss Rena continued. “To those whose names I’ll be calling, please don’t forget this orphanage. I know it has marked everyone’s heart. Please proceed to the office, Jane. You’ll now know your real name or real birthday.” She smiled at her. “This goes for Denise, Allison and Hana, too.”

Hana breathed deeply and let go of Eric’s hand. She turned to him before going to the office. “I’ll be okay,” and even managed to smile.

The four girls stayed in a corner. Allison decided to approach Hana. “Um, Hana,” Hana turned to her, surprised that she was talking to her. “I’m really sorry with what I have done. I have decided that as I say goodbye to the orphanage, I’ll be a new better me. This might be the last time for us to see each other, so please forgive me.”

“Of course! Allison, you’re incredible and beautiful.” She replied as she hugged her. She wanted to thank her for making her feel better but before she could say anything, she was shocked to see what happened next.

Eric was entering the room with two other boys.

Eric! The brown messy hair, those eyes and those lips. Yes, it is indeed Eric,she thought to herself, so surprised and so dismayed. Why is he here? She repeatedly asked herself.

She approached him with her face wet with tears, still can’t believe that he was really there. She touched her shirt, and surely, she could feel the cold cloth with her bare hands.

“Don’t be upset I’ll still visit you everyday even if we end up at the world’s both ends.” He said as he handed her his handkerchief.

“But Eric, it hurts.” She replied as she wiped her tears away.

“You’re not the only one who feels the pain, my heart is also shattering into pieces.” He tried to make her feel a bit better, still nothing could help her in fixing her broken heart.

She tried to stop her tears, but they just continue to fall endlessly. “My tears, they won’t stop from falling down… I feel so helpless,” she cried harder.

Eric patted her on the shoulder. “It’s okay. My shoulders will always be free for you to rest on and spill all your tears and pain away.”

“Thank you, Eric. Still, I can’t live without you by my side.” Hana told him how she feels as more tears spill down from her eyes.

Eric, tried to stop his tears by closing them tight and opening the again, but it didn’t work. He wiped them off. “Same here, Hana. Same here.”

Miss Rena came back in the office, with folders on her hand. She looked at them, Hana was standing still and Eric’s hands were both on her shoulders. They were both weeping and looking down at the ground.  Miss Rena tried not to cry, although she felt a single tear dropped from her left eye. “Okay. So now I’ll reveal your true identities.”

One by one, she told the three other girls their real parents or the ones adopting them, what time they’ll arrive and their occupations.

“Allison, the Parkers wanted their daughter to have a sister her age. They’ll be here at 8 tomorrow morning to set the papers and by Friday, you can be at your new home, smiling and please never forget to thank God.”

“Yes, Ms. Rena.”

“Good luck dear. I hope you’ll have a fun life then.”

“Thank you Miss Rena. I’ll never forget you.”

“Neither would I.”

Miss Rena hugged Allison then she left the room. Miss Rena turned to the other girl and talked to her heartily.

Slowly and patiently, Hana waited for Ms. Rean to call for her name. Although deep inside, she hoped that there was some kind of mistake and both of them were still to stay at the orphanage for the meantime. Then no one adopts them or their parents can never be found, so they are both sent to another orphanage. Thiis was what her mind had been thinking of, while waiting for her turn.

But when it was Hana’s turn, Miss Rena stopped and said “Will you wait for awhile?”

“Yes, Miss Rena. I’ll wait by this corner.” She stepped back and as she talked her voice was shaking. Of course, she can only agree with her, and didn’t bother to ask why.

Hana nodded patiently and waited until the two left the office. She was nervous about the truth behind Eric’s real life. Where will he be sent? Somewhere very far from me? A place where he can’t hear me call his sweet name? Hana thought to herself. She prepared herself for whatever Miss Rena was going to say and even went nearer. But after the other boy left the room, Miss Rena turned towards both of them.

“Eric and Hana.”They were both surprised but kept quiet.

“I have good and bad news for you.” Miss Rena said as she looked down, trying not to meet their eyes.

Hana didn’t know or was wondering who she was referring to. “Do you mean, to both of us?”

“Yes. To Eric and you. You’re parents are both rich and successful in life.”

Miss Rena paused and smiled. She then looked at the lovely lady beside Eric, who was trembling in fear and nervousness. “Hana, your real name is Emma Jones and Eric,” she paused to take a deep breath and continued “your real name is Stephen Eric..” her voice trailed off.

Hana then remembered the initials on the letter she found in the pocket of her skirt. “What’s his last name?”

“Jones.” Hana stared in horror, as Miss Rena continued. “Hana, your missing brother is no other than Eric.”

Hana felt her whole body freeze as Miss Rena mentioned the word ‘brother’. All this time she keep on wishing for her brother to come, but he was just beside her all along. Eric’s tears were racing down on his face, not wanting to accept the painful fate. “There could have been some mistake.”

“No, this is the truth. Accepting it is the best choice for you can never change it. This is what destiny has drawn for you.”

“No, Miss Rena,” Hana replied, finding her voice back, “it’s impossible. How can that be? How can destiny be this mean to us?” She said and ran out of the room.

Eric followed her and tried to catch up with her, although she was very fast. He stopped to catch his breath and as he look up, unexpectedly, she led him up to the roof top of the building. He then saw Hana climbing up on the very edge and stood up. “Eric, I can’t live this way. I’d rather die.”

“No, don’t be like that. Giving up can never help us.”

“Eric, listen. We were always afraid of being separated, and every single day of my life I prayed that I’ll be forever beside you. Now, see? God has granted our wish, we are now closer than ever. We’ll be living under one house and study at one school. I asked too much, didn’t I?”

“No, Hana, it—“

“Eric, I promised myself you’ll be the only man I’d ever loved. Now what am I going to do?”

“You’ll be the first and last woman in my life, too. I’ll always love you even after my death or even after my reincarnation, so please don’t let go.”

“Don’t worry. Even though we will be living in two different worlds, my arrow will always reach your heart just like how you struck mine. I’ll be always watching you just like how you took good care of me. ”

“Everything’s going back to its places if only you’ll believe. Here, take my hand.”

“This is for the best, Eric. I hope you understand. Thank you for making my life worth living for, brother.” This was the last thing she said before she jumped off from the building and sadly died.

“Hana, no!!” Eric shouted as he ran down until he reached the garden, where Hana fell on. They were all there, surrounding Hana’s body. He moved his way in, held her body close to him, and cried hard. He was screaming for the ambulance. Miss Rena patted his shoulders. “It’s too late.” He looked at her. “No, it’s not late yet! Hana is still alive. She is. She promised she’ll never leave me. She’ll never say goodbye to me. Never!”

“Eric,” Miss Scott came closer to him and made him stand up. “Here, read this. It came today.” She said as she handed him an envelope.

“I have no time for those things. Right now, Hana is ..”

“I received it myself. Even Miss Rena haven’t read this yet. Please read it by yourself. It’s urgent. “

“No, Hana is dying---”

“Read it right now!”

“I’m sorry, Miss Scott, but Hana needs—“

“This letter concerns you and Hana. It will change everything.”

Suddenly, Eric felt his heart melt. He looked at the letter and decided what to do next. He put down Hana, took the letter from Miss Scott’s hand and went inside.

“Eric, where are you going?” Miss Rena called him.

“I badly need some air.” He said, not even turning to her.

When he arrived at the main hall, he took the letter from the envelope and started reading it. As he read the letter, he could feel his face turn pale. He went back to his room. Miss Scott ran after him to find out that he locked himself in the room. She was about to knock the door, but decided that he needed time for himself.

Miss Rena was getting worried why Eric never came back so she sent Steve to look for him in the main hall. But when Steve came back, he told her that he was not there. She called for him and went upstairs. She knocked on his room, but no one replied. She tried to turn the knob, smeared with blood, but it was locked. She went back to the office and took a key from the shelf. As she turn the key, the door knob clicked. She was not sure if she should come in, but decided she should, so she turned the knob slowly as her slender fingers were painted with blood.

She stood there, in horror as she looked up and saw Eric’s hanging body with both of his wrists cut, blood dripping on the wooden floor. She cried as she tried to pull him down. As she continued to pull, a crumpled letter fell from his pocket. She read the letter covered in blood stain and tried to stop her tears. It says:

Dear Miss Rena Dudman,

We are very sorry to give you the wrong information. Hana’s brother is not Eric, but it was really Steve. The initials that we found on the letter in the pocket of Hana’s skirt meant ‘Steve Edward Jones.’ Eric’s real last name was actually Patterson.

Again, we are truly sorry.

                                                                                                                           M.C. Jonson{/justify}
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