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A poem based off of a version of the 100 theme challenge.
my little golden bird...
please grace me with your soft melodies.
i cannot let you fly free,
i cannot let the world be your home -
i fear for your safety,
my little golden bird.

i took you away from your world,
snatched you from the sky that was once filled with your song.
i no longer let the world
gaze upon your golden wings -
jealousy rages through my veins,
i cannot let you sing for anyone else.

my little golden bird...
is it true,
that this cage is to small for you?
have i smothered you
with love and attention -
when all you wanted was to be free?

i took you from familiarity,
dropped you into a cage made of the finest silver...
and yet you stare at me,
disdain in your eyes...
what have I done, my little golden bird?
how have i angered you so?
why will you not sing for me,
my most treasured possession?
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