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Random writings after staring at the lights.
My eyes are tired from a long day. The lights are starting to blur, giving the appearance of fairies floating around, bidding me to sleep. Warm colors always give me an enclosed, comforting feeling; like a sleeping bag on a crisp autumn night. I wish I knew why I was still awake but then again, sometimes things are better without purpose; it gives more freedom in decision making. I look outside the window and see the steady stream of night drivers going about on their various business. The traffic light continues its pattern of green, yellow, red, disregarding the plans of the drivers. A pedestrian tries to make a run for it across the street, only to be thwarted by a grey car and its deafening horn. The man stops, looks behind him and runs again. This time he gets no second chance. A green suv slams on brakes, releasing an eerie scream, before knocking the man into the air. He hangs in the night sky for a brief second before slamming headfirst into the pavement with a sound similar to a cracking egg. I get up, unsure if this is a hallucination and take a second look out of my kitchen window. The man still lies on the ground in a crumpled state, like yesterdays clothes. A crowd begins to surround the man and the suv is parked on the side of the road with the driver frantically pacing back and forth. I rush down the stairs of the apartment complex to join the crowd, not quite sure of what I can do, but sure I must be there.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1821097