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Insects and Spiders and Politics...

                                        Government is corrupt.

        I would like prostitution to be legal in all of the United States; not
        just in Nevada. How can I, a private citizen do this? Money talks.
        Yes, if you have enough money you can buy anyone. So, isn't
        that legalized prostitution?

        Dear Michael Moore,

        I would like you to make a documentary about prostitution.
        Not just hookers. I want to see how much money is spent to buy
        an elected official: like a Senator. Let's not pussy foot around
        most Senators retire millionaires. Well, where is that money coming
        from and what kind of thing did the Senator do for it? Personally,
        if I spent a million dollars on a senator I'd want something awesome.
        Maybe, a jello wrestling contest.

        Globalist vs Isolationist!

        Can't we all just get along? Nope. This is the sticky point: can you
        have a representative government in a global community? It would
        take a lot of vote counting. That is the weakness of democracy it can
        procrastinate and stalemate and pander to stupidity. The Romans
        marched into the Greek Senate, while there was a heated debate
        whether or not to surrender. Oh, well.

        The Wall Street protest is similar to the ancient Greek dilemma.
        The currency is collapsing. The national debt is driving our standard
        of living into a fiery pit. Sleeping over in front of Wall Street wont change
        this. The bureaucracy is marching right over you. Money is power.
        Follow the money and you will find the Emperor.

        I think I've said this before; I'm not as optimistic as an atheist.
        Atheist believe they can take care of their problems logically.
        Politics is not logical. It is carnival of deception and greed.
        I think this will all come crashing down to basic services.
        What can we afford? If California needs to build desalination plants,
        they have a serious fresh water shortage.

        Over saturated cities will fail. That's basic supply and demand.
        If the demand cannot be met there will be chaos. And then the
        Romans will march in and start chopping. That is logical from
        a sociological point. I don't think one President can fix this. It must
        collapse. Something smaller and leaner will take its place;
        maybe, gypsies.

        That's my two cents.


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