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This is a short story about a frightening and tragic experience.
What was in my head when I left the shack at that hour? It was a freezing -5 degrees(Celsius) as the sun went down behind the mountain top. I was halfway there when it began snowing heavily. I didn't want to go back, only three more hours and I would have gotten to my car. It got a lot colder when the wind started blowing, but I had already passed the point of no return.

When I couldn't see the trail anymore, I started getting worried. " I went down this trail hundreds of times. I have nothing to worry about " I said to myself. How foolish! I kept on walking. The tip of my fingers were starting to get numb despite my expensive ski gloves. My face was well protected by my wind-stopper, but it was getting harder to breathe. It felt as if the inside of my nose was getting punctured by needles with every breath I took.

I realized how bad the situation was when I saw the lake. There were lots of lakes in these mountains, but there weren't supposed to be any on the trail i was following. I was lost and that truly terrified me. I remembered that I had my cell with me. I went behind a rock to get some cover from the wind. I pulled off my wind-stopper and took off my right hand glove. I felt slight relief as I pulled the phone out of my pocket. Terror struck me when I flipped it open and the screen was bright white. I turned it off. I wanted to reset it. I don't remember how long I kept my finger pressed against the power button. I couldn't feel my hand anymore. I was trembling and I didn't know whether it was because of the cold or because I was nervous. The glimpse of hope I had shattered into despair, as I realized the battery had frozen. I curled up in the fetal position and I waited. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I clenched my teeth and trembled as pain took over my whole body.

It was then when I felt something softly touching my hand. "I forgot to put my glove back on!" I reminded myself. I snapped out of my self-pity state, hoping that somehow, someone had found me. I was dazed and very much confused by what I saw. I assumed I was hallucinating. It was a girl: pale skin, unnatural red lips, long dark hair. She was wearing a white soft dress, which contoured the appealing body shapes of a teenage girl. Her eyes, on the other hand, showed maturity probably beyond mine.

I steadily forced myself up in a sitting position. I was so awestruck that I don't even remember if it had stopped snowing. She was holding my right naked hand firmly. And as I was glaring at her with my mouth open, she slipped between my legs. She put her other hand slowly on my left leg. It was cold. Her touch made both my hand and leg feel numb, but at least it didn't hurt anymore. "I want half of you!" she said in a soft voice. At this point I was certain I was hallucinating. It wasn't half bad so I thought I'd amuse myself. "You can have all of me, beautiful!" I replied with cocky sarcasm. She than leaned forward and whispered so softly in my ear "Only Half ...". As I opened my mouth to speak, I felt her soft cold lips against my lower lip. A searing pain stabbed through it as she kissed it. And somehow it made me feel aroused. "Which of the seven dwarfs am I?" I told myself ironically. After that I just felt warm ...

The pain woke me up. The artificial white light and pale green walls made me realize I was safe. My mom couldn't reach me on my cell, so she called in for help. They found me 3 km away from the trail I was supposed to follow by using the “Recco” chip on my ski jacket. I felt relieved and somewhat cozy despite the pain in my limbs. My mothers tears, on the other hand, betrayed the tragic nature of the situation I was actually in. The doctors had to amputate my right arm and my left leg.

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