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This is something I was compelled to write after I had an epiphany....
                                          In life we have choices. We have roads and paths that we can take and follow. What we make of those choices are up to us, and only us. Things happen though, while we follow our paths. We hit bumps and cracks. We get hurt, and our plans are interrupted, or totally sabotaged. We're thrown back, and are unable to move forward. We are at a standstill, and we may even backtrack. And instead of making progress and moving forward, we retreat. We become angry with ourselves, or at  the world. Take our hurt out on the ones we care about the most. And prevent people who could care from doing so. We shut down, and build up walls. We hurt ourselves, and the people around us. What ever happened to us we are convinced is our fault, even though we had no control over it.   

                                            And we become stuck. Stuck on what happened. Stuck on ourselves. The other person who hurt us. And stuck on the hurt itself. We let the hurt manifest, and grow. It becomes its own entity, and has its own identity. We can't move on, and let go. The person(s) who hurt us gains control at that point, and will always hold us down. And they win. Eventually we become self destructive. We drink, smoke, cut, sleep around, or self medicate, and do anything to forget the internal pain. If only even for a little while. Until we reach the ultimate method of forgetting the pain and end our lives ourself. And some unlucky ones do this But in the ultimate darkness there is always a glimmer of light and hope. It's up to us to find it, and hold on to it. Get help. And deal with our hurt and problems head on. To let go and release ourselves of our pain that we have let strangle the life out of us. But it all starts with a choice.                                                                       
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