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This is a poem I wrote when I was 14.
why is it nothing seems so

Where did the blue skies go

People always saying one thing

And doing another

Where did the faith go

Never knowing which way to go

Or where to turn

As i sit here and let my mind wonder

Going into the depths of myself

I have to ask

Where did the courage go

Never knowing what to say

Or what to think

Or even how to act

It's all automatic

All rehearsed

Once again I ask

Where did the strength go

Exhaustion takes over

Now we're going into over time

And once again i say

It's all automatic

We sit here

Trying to fool each other

But only really fooling ourselves

No more lies

Or false hope

Or even empty promises

That'll be the day

I know i've asked this before

But I have to know

Where did the truth go

Used to look on the bright side

But now it's just negativity

That's all we hear

Never hearing the possibilities

Of how it should go

Or could go

Or would go

Just hearing the empty promises

Or how bad it really is

But then again

Nothing is as bad as it seems

Once again I ask

Where did the hope go

Just an empty shell

Of our former selves

Losing ourselves

Who we are

And what we've done

Looking in the mirror

And not recognizing the person

The person looking back at us

They do the same thing

Mimmicking our every move

They look familiar

But yet you don't recognize them

Or you just don't want to

Where did we go

Where did anything go


And happiness


And innocence

Anything good

And pure in this world

Where did it all go

Did we put it in the back of our minds

Along with priority

And push pride forward

Cause if you really think about it

You to will start to wonder

Where did it all go.

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