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by Marth
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Rivalry inside a great land...
“Well who died and made you boss?”  I for one In history class had loved America’s history; even if we did a few things that were unlawful we are the safest country to live and pretty wealthy at that.  It was not like it was a lot of people in my class who hated President Jake Slader, but in all they still protested and showed their acknowledged feelings about him with no sense in it.  So here I was arguing with Alex about why it was hard to fix the country.  “No one died that I know of that made me a boss, but I’m pretty sure if you were ever president at this point in your live you'd wreck it” I said. 
         “Whatever!,  I so think we would be much better without him though”  she said. 
         “So you're telling me that you wouldn't want a president to handle and maintain this beautiful, Gracious country?” I say 
         “I would think that without all the negativity and crying this country would be fairing much better and the president along with congress would be more so on track rather than dealing with all the little problems that could be handled if this countries individuals started caring more about themselves then the ridiculous assumption that Presidents make things bad not OUR PEOPLE!” I said.  Immediately after that statement my classmates paused as well as my teacher and applaud broke out.  Our room was the announcement room,  Tony I had noticed was at the front  at the desk for the announcements.  Without our knowledge Tony had turned on the speakers for the school as Alex's and I's argument had progressed.  My little speech went on the news, In every state and was accepted by millions for all it's truth.
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