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Just a little something I wrote.
We dance slowly across the floor

Asking for nothing, but wanting more

It's a dangerous path, deadly game

But hold me tight, and risk it all to play

Whisper in my ear your sinful thoughts

Leave it all on the floor, we'll never get caught

Dance forever, as time slips away

Take revenge if we're betrayed

You lead in this final dance

This is it, no other chance

The faces twist as we spin

It gets darker, the lights dim

Dance with me before the end

Death now is our only true friend

Trying to hide all there lieing faces

You take me away to distracting places

But I know it as well as you

You tried so hard, but couldn't hide the truth

Our moves flow on, in this devilish dance

this is it, the deciding stance

Time is gone, we keep moving

In our endess dance, there's no choosing.
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