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Flash fiction competition entry.
Edward closed his book and looked out of the airplane window. Although he had never flown before his excitement had soon dulled and even the bright blue sky did nothing to change his mood.

He glanced at his watch, still hours to go. Air travel could be so tedious. He was stuck in a metal tube with nowhere to go. Edward had tried to wander around the cabin but a flight attendant had insisted that he sit down.

He looked at his book again and wondered why he was reading it. The story was dull and lifeless with clich├ęd characters. He’d bought it at the airport; another bad decision. Even the egg sandwich that he’d had for lunch was causing havoc with his stomach.

With a soft chime the fasten seatbelt sign lit up. Edward felt a pang of fear and he checked to make sure that he was properly strapped in.
“The Captain has turned the seatbelt sign on. Please return to your seats.”

Was it his imagination or did Edward detect a tremor in the Attendant’s voice?

He was about to dismiss this as just another paranoid fantasy when the airplane started to shake.

“This isn’t good”, he thought.

He started to hear screams.

The overhead lockers sprang open disgorging bags and coats into the air.

Edward was sweating; he could feel his heart beating fit to burst.

With a final judder, the plane hurtled towards the ground.
“Did you enjoy that?”

Edward opened his eyes and smiled. He removed the sensor-strap from around his head.

“It’s amazing, the excitement of a plane crash without the messy aftermath. It’s the perfect thrill ride for the bored millionaire. Start production at once.”

His assistant smiled, it was going to be a good day.
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